Oct 5


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A look at the top teams in the ACC and SEC.

1.  LSU - I kept them at # 1 here.  They pounded Kentucky, as they should have, but man-o-man did Alabama look good.  And yes, I'm aware that the Tide did what they did in the Swamp.  Beyond impressive.  If Alabama and LSU were playing this week in Tuscaloosa (their game in Nov. is at Alabama), I'd have to go with the Crimson Tide.  My line on that game would be -4 Alabama.  But, LSU was #1 on this list last week and their performance against the Cats keeps them here...for now.

2.  Alabama - See above.  Let's face it...right now these two teams are better than anyone.  Flip a coin, spot the ball, and let's go.  This will be the game of the year.


3.  Clemson - I'm just as aware as all of you that this ranking may not last.  But, for now, with wins over Auburn ( who's bounced back nicely), FSU (who will bounce back), and Va.Tech (ditto) put the Tigers here, and they deserve the spot for the time being.  Now it's time to take care of business against teams we "should" beat (see BC/Maryland/UNC).


4.  Georgia Tech - Very strong team, that will most likely get better and better offensively.  If this team and Clemson can somehow stay unbeaten between now and October 29th, it could be one of the top games of the season.  And regardless of the outcome, it could just be a preview game of the ACC title game in early December.


5.  Arkansas- They hung pretty tough with Alabama last week in Tuscaloosa, and afer seeing the Tide dismantle Florida, they look pretty strong.  I can't wait to see their matchup with Auburn.  Should be a dandy.


6.  Auburn - Great win at Columbia for a team EVERYONE wrote off after losing to "lowly" Clemson.  This team will continue to get better, especially on defense, and i'm all for it.  In fact, I hope they run the table.  Wonder why ??


7.   South Carolina - I had this team at number 4 last week, and I think one close loss is not enough to make them go any lower.  It's no secret that they're struggling right now offensively, but it's hard for me to believe that they won't bounce back.  They'll spank Kentucky this week in Columbia before a season defining road test at Mississippi St, at Tennessee, and at Arkansas in back to back to back weeks.


8.  FSU - I had the Noles at #8 last week, and I don't think they should lose a spot during their off week.  They are about to win 5 straight games - guaranteed - and this will match them up with Miami (at FSU), which they'll win as well.  I still say this team has a good chance to pass my Tigers in the Atlantic.  If we slip up just a bit they'll pass us, because worst case scenario for the Noles is that they'll finish 6-2 in the conference, and my money is on them going 7-1.


9.  Virginia Tech - This team will be back, and will start moving back up this list starting this week.  They go 10-2 this year (as always), and they may run the table and win the conference.  Who knows.  But they'll be back.


10. Florida - I put the Gators down here for two reasons.  Because they got whooped pretty badly at home (granted, it was probably the best team in the nation that did it), but more importantly because their starting QB is out.  Very talented, but has caught NO breaks now that they have to head to Baton Rouge....ouch.


For the record....I wanted to put Georgia in here.  They are coming and will be here soon.  I think they will beat Florida this year on the 29th.  

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