Oct 23

Badgers, Sooners Go Down

Posted By:Brett Haynes - Greenville, SC  Tags: BCS, college football, top 25

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Photo: US Presswire.com (click to enlarge)

It was a crazy day in college football - especially in the top five. #3 Oklahoma and #4 Wisconsin lost, opening the door for others to move up. In a back and forth game, the Badgers went down to Michigan State, 37-31, on what will go down as one of the all-time craziest plays in college football history. Texas Tech, meanwhile, went up big on OU and then held on for the win. The rest of the teams in the top ten brought home victories yesterday.

In a game that will be talked about for years to come, MSU took down Wisconsin with a miracle. As regulation time expired, QB Kirk Cousins lofted the ball 44 yards through the night sky towards the Badger end zone. After the ball bounced off of a teammates facemask and back up into the air, WR Keith Nichol grabbed it and lunged towards the goal-line. In an epic struggle to get the ball to break the plain, Nichol was able to just barely get the tip of the ball across, and - after a review - Spartan fans broke into pandamonium!

Pandamonium also broke out in our living room with the catch, as Wisconsin was one of six teams standing in the way of my team, Clemson, and a BCS title game appearance. LSU, Alabama, Oklahoma, Stanford and Boise State are the others. And speaking of Oklahoma....

The Sooners also brought a huge cheer to our living room, thanks to them letting Texas Tech come into their house and get a W. The Red Raiders went up 31-7 on Oklahoma before the Sooners decided to wake-up. They stormed back with 31 points over the final 26 minutes, but it was too late. They are now out of the way, as well, in the chase for #1.

The rest of the teams in the top ten won - and won convincingly. LSU beat Auburn by 35, Alabama Beat Tennessee by 31, Stanford beat Washington by 44, Oklahoma State beat Mizzou by 21, Boise State beat Air Force by 11 (eh, kind of convincingly), Clemson beat UNC by 21, and Arkansas beat Ole Miss by five (ok, this one was close).

LSU plays Alabama in two weeks, and the winner of that will most-likely be in the BCSCG. But Stanford, Oklahoma State, Boise State and Clemson could all still possibly finish the season unbeaten. If that happened, three of those four teams would be left out of the title game.

Folks, the next six weeks are going to be very interesting!

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