Nov 8

Paterno Set to Step Down?

Posted By:Brett Haynes - Greenville, SC  Tags:

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Penn State, Joe Paterno may be in final days together. It is too early to tell what the outcome will ultimately be, but it appears that the long, storied, successful career of Penn State Head Coach Joe Paterno will end in the most surprising and disappointing of ways. The legendary coach apparently did the very bare minimum in reporting a 2002 sexual abuse allegation concerning former Assistant Coach Jerry Sandusky, and the leaders at the university are reportedly calling for his dismissal based on morals. If this is indeed true - and it appears so to be - Paterno and his 409 victories will mean nothing to the college football community.

Reports are not yet in stating that JoePa is stepping down as head coach.

Facts are coming in by the minute now, and another presser (one was cancelled earlier today) is rumored to be in the works. It is highly speculated in the national media that Penn State University is calling for the end of Joe Paterno's 45 years as the leader of the football team.

This is one of those stories that is just too hard to grasp. Is it really possible that someone could commit acts such as Jerry Sandusky did and be able to go through day-to-day life and get away with it? Is it really possible that people would put a football program's image before the well-being of young kids?

It is times like this that confusion is the only thing that is understandable. How? Why? When?

So many questions arise in a situation such as this that I will wait to type more on the matter. But if you are a fan of Joe Paterno, there is little doubt today that you are faced with a heartbreaking reality.

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