Nov 13

The Top Fan's Top 25 - Week Eleven

Posted By:Brett Haynes - Greenville, SC  Tags: BCS, college football, top 25

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There was some shaking up in the top 25 this week as teams were falling all over the place. Georgia is probably the hottest team in America right now as they ride an eight game winning streak including this weekend's 45-7 thrashing of Auburn. Here is my top 25 following week eleven's games:

1. LSU (10-, 6-) - Defeated Western Kentucky, 42-3 - Last week: 1 - The Tigers had a bit more of a low-key game this weekend compared to their game a week ago that was built up beyond belief. LSU made easy work of Western Kentucky to remain unbeaten and numero uno. In two weeks they get Arkansas at home. An Ole Miss team with no identity is the next task. Next: at Ole Miss.

2. Oklahoma State (10-0, 7-0) - Defeated Texas Tech, 66-6 - Last week: 2- There is little doubt in my mind that this is a team that belongs in the BCSCG. But they must prove it one more time against OU in two weeks. Putting 66 points up on the road is impressive. Holding the home Red Raiders to six points is even more impressive. Next: at Iowa State.

3. Alabama (9-1, 6-1) - Defeated Mississippi State, 24-7 - Last week: 3 - The Tide will now sit poised at third until either LSU or Oklahoma State - or both - slip and open the door for them to move up. Until then, there isn't much they can do. Another national title isn't out of the question, but they need help this time as challengers are many. Next: Georgia Southern.

4. Oregon (9-1, 7-0) - Defeated Stanford, 53-30 - Last week: 6 - With a blowout of Stanford, Oregon was the most impressive team of the weekend (though OSU looked darn good). The Ducks' only loss was to LSU, which goes a long way in the computer rankings, as well as in the minds of voters. Next: USC.

5. Arkansas (9-1, 5-1) - Defeated Tennessee, 49-7 - Last week: 7 - There is no doubt that the Razorbacks are preparing for the game of their lives. In two weeks they travel to LSU, and a win would see them take the prestigious West. That would leave them a win away from playing for a crystal football. Next: Mississippi State.

6. Oklahoma (8-1, 5-1) - Idle - Last week: 8 - After seeing OSU kick the crud out of Texas Tech, the Sooners have to just want to kick the crud out of themselves. This team could be ranked second or third in the nation right now with national title hopes alive and well. But, oh, that TTU loss....Next: at Baylor

7. Clemson (9-1, 6-1) - Defeated Wake Forest, 31-28 - Last week: - It wasn't a masterpiece, but Clemson came from 14 points down late in the third quarter for an improbable win. Chandler Catanzaro was 1 of 2 on FG tries within :72 seconds of each other, with the one he made sending CU to the ACCCG. Next: at NC State

8. Virginia Tech (9-1, 5-1) - Defeated Georgia Tech, 37-26 - Last week: 10 - The Hokies are doing what they do best: lose early and then run the table to get back into the national talks. QB Logan Thomas is coming of age, and RB David WIlson might be the toughets back in America. Next: North Carolina.

9. Houston (10-, 6-0) - Defeated Tulane, 73-17 - Last week: - It gets me to thinking sometimes why Boise is lofted up so high, but undefeated Houston still sits at #9, despite being undefeated this late in the year. Is Boise's schedule any harder? Outside of having to play TCU, I think not. Still, without a true test yet, here they remain. Next: SMU.

10. Georgia (8-2, 6-1) - Defeated Auburn, 45-7 - Last week: 15 - There are very few teams in the land as hot as the Georgia Bulldogs right now. Aaron Murray is throwing the ball with some serious zip, and the D is playing lights out. If they win Saturday, they clicnh the SEC East. Next: Kentucky.

11. Stanford

12. South Carolina

13. Kansas State

14. Michigan State

15. Boise State

16. Wisconsin

17. Nebraska

18. USC

19. Michigan

20. Baylor

21. West Virginia

22. TCU

23. Penn State

24. Southern Miss

25. Florida State

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