Dec 30

Fans debate: South Carolina vs. Nebraska

Posted By:Dsuddeth and SkullandBones and Husker Ed  Tags: Capital One Bowl, South Carolina Gamecocks, Nebraska Cornhuskers

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Photo: The Top Fan

The SEC's Gamecocks and the newest member of the Big Ten, Nebraska, square off in Florida in the Capital One Bowl. Here, we have a couple of Nebraska fans and a South Carolina fan give their answers to what will go down in Orlando...

Question 1: Why will South Carolina win?

SkullandBones If I had to be complete honest I'd give the edge to SC, a fast defensive with an elusive QB have proven a bad combo for us this year.

Husker Ed: Speed kills.  The speed on defense will limit Nebraska's potent offense.

Dsuddeth: USC will win,… if their defense can cause multiple turnovers. USC’s defense must put 8 in the box and shut down Nebraska’s run game. They must force (QB) Martinez to throw the ball…USC must force Nebraska in 3rd and long situations.


Question 2: Why will Nebraska win?

SkullandBones: (Skulls combined questions 1 nd 2 into one answer)


Husker Ed:  Power. Nebraska's power offense will control the clock with RB Rex Burkhead. The power running game also minimizes the USC defensive speed.


Dsuddeth: Nebraska will win if they control time of poss. and wear down the USC defense…Nebraska’s SP Teams need to dictate ...the field….


Question 3: Which team is better dressed?

SkullandBonesThe classic Scarlet and Cream still worn by NU and pretty much unchanged for decades is an iconic uniform in college football and are instantly recognized.  We easily win the uni argument.

Husker Ed:  That depends on who the road team is. I love the look of both teams road uniforms.

Dsuddeth: Always liked Nebraska’s Helmets….but Im a GAMECOCK so….USC’s Uniforms


Question 4: What player on your team scares them?

SkullandBones: SC should fear one man, Lavonte David.  He's a juco transfer from Florida playing in his last game as a Husker.  In two short years he's pretty much re-written our school's tackling records.

Husker Ed:  They will probably say Taylor Martinez, but they should fear RB Rex Burkhead on offense. On defense, they should fear CB Alfonso Dennard. He is a true SHUT DOWN corner.

Dsuddeth: Melvin Ingram / Antonio Allen tie


Question 5: What player on their team scares you?

SkullandBones: I'm worried most about SC's QB.  As you know I don't bother with fact checking so I'm guessing Walsh is his name.  No clue.  The only SC game I watched was, unfortunately, the Clemson game and he looked scary good.

Husker Ed:  QB Connor Shaw scares the hell out of me. Dual threat QBs give Nebraska fits.

Dsuddeth: Running back Rex Burkhead and quarterback Taylor Martinez


Question 6: Thoughts on Spurrier:

SkullandBonesSpurrier is a good coach, his team will be prepared...and I don't trust him any farther than I can throw him.  We'll have to be on our toes each and every snap.

Husker Ed: The Ol Ball Coach is one of my favorite "characters" in college football. He is an excellent offensive mind but I believe his strength is relating to his players.

Dsuddeth: Needs a bowl win…(1-4)


Question 7: Thoughts on Pelini:

SkullandBones: Pelini isn't on any kind of hot seat, but he needs a win like this.  I hope this doesn't lead to desperation.  If I had to point to a fault I'd say he's a control freak, like every little detail he has to weigh in on.  I think it's difficult to do that and maintain big picture decision making.  He ususally pulls it off pretty well.  Usually.  And he needs to keep himself in check.  He's done a much better job this year...hey, he hasn't called an official a 'cock sucker', this year.  So that's good.  Although, considering who we're playing....he may be able to get away with it.

Husker Ed:  Bo needs to prove that he has the Nebraska program headed in the right direction. His teams are usually very good when he has a month to prepare. If, on the other hand, he has another high profile blow out lose (like Wisconsin and Michigan this year) there will be rumblings from those not sold on him as a head coach -- like myself.


Dsuddeth: Thinks Pelini will do a good job at Nebraska….


Question 8:  Which team has a cooler mascot?

SkullandBones: Let me make one thing clear on the mascots, 'Herbie' is not the Nebraska mascot, it's an embarassment.  Neither is HuskerEd, although he's not as annoying as Herbie, hard to believe I know.  Harry Husker is our official mascot and he's as cool as the other side of the pillow.  Since I have no clue who the Gamecocks mascot is I'm sticking with Harry.  I assume it's a chicken of some sort.

Husker Ed:  USC. How can you go wrong with Gamecocks. 

Dsuddeth: nothing is cooler than a GAMECOCK


Question 9: Is this a huge game for both teams?

SkullandBonesI think it's a bigger game for Nebraska to be honest.  It usually is for the under dog.  Beyond that though I think Pellini needs this.  Like I said I don't think he's on the hot seat, but there are some faint rumblings from the faithful.  The last label any coach wants is the 'can't win the big one' label.  So far he hasn't won the big one.

Husker Ed:   Yes, although I think it's bigger for Nebraska. The team has already set it up as a chance to prove to the world that they can beat the SEC. It will also validate the teams first year in the Big Ten with a win.


Dsuddeth: this game is more important to USC…could be first 11 win season in school history…


Question 10: Final Prediction:  

SkullandBones: Nebraska can win.  CAN win, not necessarily will win.  Turnovers and penalties have seem to become the hallmark of our implosions this year, the past couple of years actually.  We simply will not win this game if we hand over the ball and have first downs called back.  It won't happen.  I can't think of a game we've lost in the last three years where afterwards I thought, the was all we had and we lost.  I can take that.  If my team goes out there and plays their asses off for sixty minutes, doesn't turn the ball over and isn't pestered by stupid penalties and we lose, so be it.

Husker Ed: Nebraska controls the clock and the defense makes enough plays to win a close one. Nebraska 27, South Carolina 22. 

Dsuddeth: USC 16 NEB 12

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