Jun 27

Major College Football to Start Playoff in 2014

Posted By:Brett Haynes - Greenville, SC  Tags: college football, playoff, BCS

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A major college football playoff is set to begin in 2014. Today is a new day for college football. Well, rather, January 12, 2015 will be a new day. On that day – or night – college football, for the first time ever, will crown a champion through a traditional playoff - a playoff style that exists in nearly all other major sports on the face of the planet. For the first time ever, four teams will battle on the playing field for the right to undisputedly be called the national champion.

As long as I have been a college football fan, I have wondered why so much controversy had to take place at the end of each season. Every single year it seemed like there was no clear national champion. There was always a dispute about a team that got the shaft, or a team that won its bowl by a huge margin and was playing its best football at year’s end, but had no further chance to make a run for a crown.

No more.

At the end of the 2014 season, a true four-team playoff will take place consisting of teams decided upon by a committee. There will be no automatic qualifiers for any conference (although if a major conference has an undefeated champion that team will almost certainly be guaranteed a free pass). The semi-finals will involve a rotation of six bowls (Rose, Sugar, Orange and Fiesta plus two more bowls to be determined). The site of the national championship game will be up for bid just like the Super Bowl. I love it.

The excitement that is on the way is immeasurable. In these upcoming 2012 and 2013 seasons, we will certainly be treated to unique games and crazy debates about who belongs in the BCS title game. And it will be exciting just like it always has been. But come 2014, when the end of the season nears, and your favorite team is near the top four with a few games to go, the excitement you will have will be off the charts!

And then the games come. If your team is in the national playoff, how will you be able to contain yourself? You won’t be able to. You will be overcome with so much excitement that you will drive your friends and family crazy. It will be that serious.

So here it is, folks. The day we (or most of us) have always wanted is here. We now know, with certainty, that the end of the Stone Age is near. College football’s fearless leaders have finally, finally, finally figured out that a four-team playoff creates more excitement and more money than what we currently have.

Hooray for progress!

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