Sep 2

Any Questions?

Posted By:Brett Haynes - Greenville, SC  Tags: SEC, Big Ten, NCAA, Alabama, Michigan

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Photo: US Presswire

Top teams across America blew things wide open at an incredible rate this past weekend. In the top five, blowouts were the norm, as Alabama, USC and Oregon all brought out a can. But it was the performance of the Crimson Tide that stood out the most. Bama went up 31-0 on a good Michigan the first half! From there they set it on cruise control for a 41-14 win. Across the top 25 scores went well into the 50's and 60's...

In my preseason poll, I had Bama #1. That will certainly not change after the way I watched them manhandle Michigan. There is just something about the Tide that makes it hard for me to see them take a defeat this season. Maybe it is the defense, loaded with future NFL players. Maybe it is Nick Saban, the Tide head man who looks like he will stangle to death any player that dares make a mistake...Whatever it is, the Tide will remain number one. UM was never in this one. Never. That is impressive.

USC and Oregon were also impressive in their openers, with USC taking down Hawaii, 49-10, and Oregon putting 50 points up in the first half in a 57-34 win over Arkansas State. Obviously, those two left coast teams have mad scoring ability and will be a factor in the national picture this season.

Other notable blowouts in the top 25 included Florida State over Murray State (69-3), West Virginia over Marshall (69-34), Nebraska over Southern Miss (49-20), Ohio State over Miami, Ohio (56-10), and Oklahoma State over Savannah (84-0). 

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