Oct 28

The Top Fan's Top 25 - Week Nine

Posted By:Brett Haynes - Greenville, SC  Tags: Top 25, BCS, college football

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College football was as entertaining as ever yesterday. From last second punt returns for TD's to a major upset in the SEC to a huge road win for ND, the games of this weekend provided plenty of plays to keep me glued to the TV all day long. In the end, one top five team, Florida, was eliminated (probably) from the national title race with a loss to Georgia. The other teams in the top five held on to move one step closer to the BCS national title game....

* I hated to see Marcus Lattimore, the superb junior running back for South Carolina hurt his knee. He is said by all to be a quality person, and we all know he is a first-rate running back. He is one of the best players to ever play for my rival Gamecocks, and seeing him go down in such pain and shock is not something anyone wants to ever see. We will know more later, but it looks like his knee is blown and he will have a long, tough road back to recovery to hopefully play in the NFL one day...

* Giovani Bernard had the most exciting play of the day. After his Tar Heels came back from a 35-25 deficit in the fourth quarter, Bernard fielded a punt at his own 26 yard line and returned it 74 yards for the winning score as Kenan Stadium went bananas. It really was one of the more fun and exciting plays I have seen in college football in quite a long time. There was so much on the line (the Wolfpack had won five straight in the series), and Bernard delivered with major style. 

* Well, Notre Dame, you're getting there with me. I - like many - are hesitant to boost ND up the polls simply because others will glad to do it for us. But after a road win at Oklahoma last night, they have my vote to be a true top four team. They have the record, and they now have a few wins that are hard to argue with (Stanford, Michigan, Oklahoma). Linebacker Manti Te'o also appears to be as good as the hype, picking off a pass last night late in the game. The Irish still play USC (away) but are pretty much "back" as far as the nation is concerened - national title or not.

* The Top 25 was extra hard to do this time around, and so I shook it up probably as much as I ever have. There were four top ten teams to lose, and the back edge of the top 25 also sees a lot of changes, with new teams coming in and losers going out. Here is my Top 25 following the games of week nine:

1. Alabama (8-0)

2. Oregon (8-0)

3. Kansas State (8-0)

4. Notre Dame (8-0)

5. Ohio State (9-0)

6. LSU (7-1)

7. Florida State (8-1)

8. Georgia (7-1)

9. Florida (7-1)

10. Louisville (8-0)

11. Clemson (7-1)

12. South Carolina (7-2)

13. Stanford (6-2)

14. Boise State (7-1)

15. Mississippi State (7-1)

16. Texas A&M (6-2)

17. Nebraska (6-2)

18. Oregon State (6-1)

19. Oklahoma (5-2)

20. USC (6-2)

21. Oklahoma State (5-2)

22. UCLA (6-2)

23. Northwestern (7-2)

24. Texas Tech (6-2)

25. TIE - North Carolina (6-3), West Virginia (5-2)

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