Nov 26

The Top Fan's Top 25 - Week Thirteen

Posted By:Brett Haynes - Greenville, SC  Tags: Top 25, BCS, college football

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Rivalry week was hard on me. My squad, Clemson, took one on the chin - at home - to rival South Carolina, 27-17. The Gamecock victory marks the fourth straight win for the bad guys over the Tigers, something that had not happened in over 50 years. Needless to say, I am struggling a bit today to type this article. Clemson sits at 10-2, which would normally be a proud record. But when the ten wins include zero victories over current top 25 teams and one of the two losses is to an arch-rival, the shine of reaching the double-digit win mark is tarnished just a bit.

To make matters worse, the ACC outdid itself in the embarassment category when I thought we couldn't possibly get any worse. Besides Clemson going down, Florida beat Florida State (37-26), Georgia beat Georgia Tech (42-10) and Vanderbilt beat Wake Forest (55-21). Luckily for the ACC, basketball season is just around the corner where someone can try to unseat the national champion...Kentucky of the SEC! Sheesh.

As far as the national title race goes, this weekend confirmed that Notre Dame will play the winner of the SEC Championship Game between #2 Alabama and #3 Georgia. The Irish defeated USC, 22-13, out in Los Angeles, to remain number one. Alabama toasted Auburn 49-0 to secure the SEC West, and UGA's victory over GT keeps them with just one loss and eager to play for it all.

Here is my top 25 as we head into championship weekend....

1. Notre Dame (12-0)

2. Alabama (11-1)

3. Ohio State (12-0)

4. Georgia (11-1)

5. Oregon (11-1)

6. Florida (11-1)

7. Kansas State (10-1)

8. Stanford (10-2)

9. LSU (10-2)

10. South Carolina (10-2)

11. Texas A&M (10-2)

12. Oklahoma (9-2)

13. Nebraska (10-2)

14. Florida State (10-2)

15. Clemson (10-2)

16. UCLA (9-3)

17. Oregon State (8-3)

18. Northern Illinois (11-1)

19. TCU (7-4)

20. Michigan (8-4)

21. Boise State (9-2)

22. Kent State (11-1)

23. Texas (8-3)

24. Oklahoma State (7-4)

25. Penn State (8-4)

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