Jan 7

The Bear Has Company

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If you have ever heard the words "college football," and you are from the South, then you know what those words mean in the most sincere of ways. But despite the fact that thousands of games have been played against foes from across the regions, no game clearer beats home the point of "don't mess with Southern football," than Notre Dame's complete and total embarassment to Alabama a few hours ago...

With this win, Nick Saban is moving closer and closer to becoming the greatest coach of all time at the college level. Bear Braynt is a measuring stick, but I honestly feel that Saban, now with four national crowns, is the greatest college football coach of all-time...

But back to why this win was satisfying - even for a non-SEC fan -  after hearing ND talk their "Holier than thou" stuff on t-shirts.

You see, I am a not an SEC fan. I am an ACC fan, and the SEC messes with us, too... I happen to not like the SEC so much. But what I dislike worse than the SEC are Notre Dame folks who put out t-shirts that say "Catholics vs. Cousins," in a play (knocking poor Southerners) or "Catholics vs. Convicts" from back in the 80's (when Miami had a bunch of renegades playing ball)....And shirts that say "Holy Bible" vs. "Honey Boo Boo."

Aren't ND fans and supporters smart enough to know we aren't that stupid?

When a group of people truly looks down on another group of people, I have a problem with that. And from some fan interviews I saw, to some posts on ND forum sites, to the whole printed out t-shirt thing, as a Southerner myself, I got a little mad after seeing this for three weeks leading up to this game.

So did Alabama, and hence the result.

Alabama went up early and often. ND continued to watch running back Eddie Lacy pound the ball at will, making linebacker Manti Te'o look as if he were not even playing....

The bottom line is that Alabama just ruled this game, and that ND needs to go back to the drawing board.

The Irish are back in the college football picture, but they are not to be mentioned as a top five team. I could name five or six teams, easily, that would have given Bama a better game last night. Oregon is the first that comes to mind.

Congrats to Alabama on another national title. The Tide were truly the best team in 2012-2013....

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