Sep 19

Week Four Predictions

Posted By:Brett Haynes - Greenville, SC  Tags: BCS, College Football

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I am 29-6 through three weeks of picking and sit near the top of the long, formidable list of players. Will week four see me stay in the upper classes of the Pick'em Contest? Or will I fall back amongst the commoners? We will soon see....


North Carolina (1-1) at Georgia Tech (2-0) - 12:00 - ESPN - If Doc Walker and Mike Hogewood still did ACC TV broadcasts, I have no doubt they would be doing this game! I miss ole Doc Walker, I'll tell you that much...In this one, two mystery programs collide. UNC didn't seem to have a whole lot against South Carolina, and GT has played Elon and Duke, winning both easily. I look forward to watching this game and learning more about these two teams. For now, I will go with the Heels to get the road win as I like what Bren Renner does at QB. North Carolina, 36-31.


Tennessee (2-1) at #19 Florida (1-1) - 3:30 - CBS - We all saw UT get dismantled out West last weekend at the hands of the quacks, and we know Florida isn't exactly the Florida of a few years ago. But none-the-less, the storylines will be many and the Swamp will be packed despite the records. I was at this game in 2007 - a Florida massacre - and I can tell you it is a fun one to attend! I think Tennessee showed they are miles away from being "back," and that Florida should win this one with home-field advantage. Regardless of what happens, you can bet your house that Will Muschamp will get mad as hell about something. Florida, 30-20.


West Virginia (2-1) at Maryland (3-0) - 3:30 - ESPNU - The Terps are sort of a surprise team here in 2013. Though they have yet to crack the Top 25, they are starting to receive votes - and attention. So far, they haven't really played anyone good, but they have averaged a 21-point win, so it's tough to really tell. West Virginia, on the other hand, has suffered a loss, but it was to Oklahoma on the road, a much more respectable opponent. This is a tough game to pick, so I am going to go with the home team and pick Maryland. QB Chris Brown has accounted for eleven Terrapin TDs in three games and is very dangerous. I think he can lead UM to at least 28 points, which I would think would be enough to win. WVU scored just seven at Oklahoma, missing the great players of past years. Maryland, 33-21.


Purdue (1-2) at #24 Wisconsin (2-1) - 3:30 - ABC - It has been a long time since I have seen a team get screwed as badly as Wisconsin did at Arizona State. It'll be interesting to see if the Badgers play poorly from here out because national title hopes may now be dashed, or if they bounce back and play with reckless abandon for the rest of the season. Purdue will be the team first to find out as they take their usual mediocre self to Madison. I expect to see Wisconsin open a can and win by about 30. Wisconsin, 43-17.


Michigan State (3-0) at #22 Notre Dame (2-1) - 3:30 - NBC - Man, this is a tough game to call. Every time I get ready to go off about ND being overrated, they show up in a game like this - against a quality opponent - and win one for ole Touchdown Jesus! Two weeks removed from a loss to "rival" Michigan, and a week removed from a close W on the road at Purdue, the Irish welcome in a Spartan team that has three wins over three pasties. This early in the year, it is very difficult to rate these teams. I will go with the home team here. ND wins this one to get back in the Top 25 talks. Notre Dame, 27-21.


#23 Arizona State (2-0)  at #5 Stanford (2-0) - 7:00 - FOX - Yes, ASU is unbeaten, but the more I see the replay of last week's game against Wisconsin, it infuriates me that the Badgers weren't allowed to try a game-winning FG. This isn't the Sun Devils' fault, but the PAC 12 crew really screwed Wisconsin....As for this week, I think Stanford will set the record straight, anyway. I still like ASU as a team on the up-and-up under Todd Graham, but I don't think they are at Stanford's level just yet. The home team will need to play better than it has so far, but a home win against a ranked opponent is on the way. Stanford, 40-26.


Auburn (3-0) at #6 LSU (3-0) - 7:45 - ESPN - This game is almost always an instant classic. And while many are calling for the home Tigers to run the visiting Tigers out of Tiger Stadium, I am saying this will be another stress-fest for both sides. LSU is rolling with new OC Cam Cameron (12th nationally at 46 ppg), but Auburn is 3-0, as well, regardless of opponent or score. Auburn HC Gus Malzahn may not have the fire power LSU does at this point (or as nasty of a defense), but he will adjust his gameplan to keep his club in it. War Eagle knows it will have to play a nearly flawless game, and wrap up tackles better than ever, but I think they are up to it. LSU wins, but it's not a blowout. LSU, 36-28.


#15 Michigan (3-0) at UConn (0-2) - 8:00 - ABC - How am I supposed to gauge this Michigan team? One minute they have 115,000 fans rocking out to an impressive win over Notre Dame. The next week, 115,000 fans were chewing their fingernails off while Akron took a game-winning shot at the end zone...Good grief! This week the Wolverines make a trip to UConn. Yes, I kind of did a double take there, as well. Michigan will take on a poor Husky team that would love nothing better than to post a W against a huge name in their "big-game" shrine, whatever it may be. I don't think they can do it, though. I think Brady Hoke will make sure he doesn't come that close to a heart attack ever again, and his team will focus for a full 60 minutes. Michigan, 34-17.


Kansas State (2-1)  at Texas (1-2) - 8:00 - ABC - Every sports fan in the Western Hemisphere is aware of the troubles in Austin, Texas. Yes, Mack Brown's ass is on fire. And rightfully so because the 'Horns are awful. Recruiting should be a breeze, so therefore either the top talent isn't being recruited well, or the gameplan is pitiful. Either way, Brown is to blame...KSU comes in as a good chance for Texas to right the ship. The Wildcats are average, and Texas is in dire need of a good game - players and coaches alike. I will stick by statement that UT is in bad shape, but I think they win this one on sheer desperation. Texas, 27-21.


Utah (2-1) at BYU (1-1) - 10:15 - ESPN2 - If you are a BYU fan, you are just hoping the PAC 12 does not send the same group of officials to Provo that they sent to Tempe last week. Good grief, my 13-month old niece could have handled the end of that game better....Utah QB Travis Wilson has thrown seven TDs in three games, but he threw three INTs a week ago in an OT loss to Oregon State. If he keeps throwing it up for grabs, the home Cougars have the edge. As for BYU, they were last seen scorching Texas on this same field. Opposite of years gone by, BYU now does its damage on the ground. Against Texas they had 550 yards rushing...I'm picking BYU in a close one, due to the running game and home-field advantage. BYU, 40-29.


* All rankings AP, all times EST

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