Oct 9

Oregon vs Washington: The Forgotten Rivalry

Posted By:Timothy Thompson - Eugene, OR  Tags: College Football, Oregon, Washington, Rivalry

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Oregon looks to make it 10 straight!


The Oregon/Washington rivalry is a rivalry that has been dead for nearly a decade. Why..? Because Oregon has dominated.


While Washington holds the all-time series 58-42, Oregon has won the past nine meetings between the teams. And they haven't just been wins. They've been blowouts.


Ever since 2004, the Ducks have beaten the Huskies every year, with the smallest margin of victory coming in 2011 when Oregon won 34-17. Thus, a 17 point victory. However, in these nine games Oregon has outscored Washington 391-158. That means Oregon has won by an average margin of 26 points. 


Because of this decade long one-sidedness, it's easy to see why most don't even consider this a big rivalry. However, Husky fans will soon remind you that it is, and a pretty heated one at that.


Many students of the University of Oregon traveled to Seattle to watch this game, and every one of them returned with horror stories. Fans threw water at them, batteries, food. Some students were harassed all game long. One student even said that he was shoved and kicked at least three times at the game by fans over 40. Needless to say, Husky fans hate the Ducks.


While the Ducks have indeed won the past nine meetings, Husky fans are always the first to remind Oregon that it has zero national championships, zero Heisman winners, and that it still trails by a stifling 16 games. That means Oregon would have to beat the Huskies for 16 more years in a row just to tie the series. That's unreal.


However, this year Oregon has a major chance to change the former two. Marcus Mariota is leading a compelling Heisman campaign, with 14 passing touchdowns, 7 rushing, and zero interceptions. He is averaging more rushing yards per carry than any player in the FBS. He is also leading the second ranked team in the country. 


The Ducks have only faced one team with a current winning record (Nicholls State) and one team with a .500 record (Tennessee). Other than that, Oregon has faced only teams with losing records. This Washington game will present Oregon with its first true test of the season, especially being on the road. Husky stadium is not only renovated, it is one of the loudest and most hostile in the country. Oregon will finally give the world a glimpse of how good it really is this Saturday.


Now to the game itself. Washington could be undefeated right now with a victory over #5 Stanford had the Pac-12 refs not given yet another team the shaft. QB Keith Price and RB Bishop Sankey are playing at the top of their game, and the Washington defense is immensely improved. Given the home field advantage, Washington is going to have all the tools to pull off this monumental upset. But the Ducks may be too good. The Ducks are loaded with weapons all over the field, and Mariota is showing that he may be the best quarterback in the country. All in all, this is going to be a loud, intense game with discipline and turnovers being the main deciding factors.


Prediction: Washington comes out and scores a touchdown first possesion of the game, putting them up 7-0 on Oregon. Husky fans at this point are going nuts, and force the Ducks into some mistakes early on. However, Oregon is notorious for starting off slow, and while I do believe the environment and improved Husky defense will cause some turnovers, the Ducks will get into their rhythm by the second quarter. Second half proves to be exciting, and the Ducks starters finally stay in for a full game. In the end, its hard to see Washington holding Oregon under 40, and the ducks defense makes the big stops.


Oregon 45, Washington 31


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