Nov 20

Oh, Oregon...

Posted By:Brett Haynes - Greenville, SC  Tags: BCS, college football

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I like Oregon, I honestly do. I met a lot of their fans in Knoxville against Tennessee in 2010 while tailgating and I had a great time. I love the wild uniforms and the craziness of Autzen Stadium, I love the wide-open offensive attack and I love the passion the school has for football. I really like the Oregon cheerleading squad. 


So, yea, I am not here in any way to bash Oregon. 


But there is something that has started to rub me the wrong way just a touch against the guys in green since the Stanford loss. It seems that because Oregon lost to Stanford, an almost "deserved" appearance in the final BCS Championship Game was thrown away. It is like Oregon was the chosen team of 2013 to play for a national championship, and all that the other good teams could do was sit back and watch it happen.


Well, it didn't happen as Stanford won the showdown in week nine, and now I am hearing that the season is a waste for UO.


I read an article in Yahoo! yesterday about how this year's Rose Bowl Game would be a "consolation" prize for Oregon since the BCS title was probably out. Are you serious?? A consolation prize?? 


The Ducks lost a game. Period. They lost to Stanford who whipped them all over the field. And now there is a feeling that the "Granddaddy of Them All" is a consolation prize??


Look. I get it. Expectations are high in Eugene. But that is where I start to get upset. Expectations are also high in Baton Rouge. In Columbus. In Tallahassee. In Athens. In Palo Alto. In Austin. In Tuscaloosa...You get what I am saying.


Oregon is a very good program, a true-to-the-core top ten program, who legitimately hangs around the top five at times, also. But to assume going into the season that a BCS Championship Game is a given, or is expected, or is yours with nobody else having a say in it is what bothers me.


Defeat Stanford and this conversation never comes up. I have heard that the Stanford game "blew the season." My answer to that is that if this Duck team was a true national title contender, then they would have won that game and not let it go by as a loss - no matter what.


As I started off this mini-article as saying, I like the Ducks. They are a team that I would like to see play for it all because I know there fans would appreciate it. Hell, I even had Oregon number two in my poll all year until Stanford beat them. So I am not here to beat down a fan base and a team that I like. I just want it to be known that winning a national championship is something that is extremely hard to do, and that when a trip to the Rose Bowl is seen as a consolation prize, it bothers me. 


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