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The Top Fan's Top 25 - Week 14

Posted By:Brett Haynes - Greenville, SC  Tags: BCS, college football

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It has been two full years since Alabama was not the #1 team in the polls, but the day has come again. Auburn did the unthinkable, running back a missed field goal 100+ yards for the game-winning, division-winning, Iron Bowl-winning touchdown to send the Tigers to the SEC Championship Game! Florida State now claims the #1 spot in the polls, but Ohio State was the big winner of the day as they are now in prime position to play for a crystal football. Oh, the college football universe never fails to entertain!


1. Florida State (12-0) - The Seminoles wrapped up a perfect regular season by cruising past Florida, 37-7, in the Swamp. Now, pending any major disaster in the ACC Championship Game against Duke, FSU is just about all set to play for a national championship. I have all respect for the Blue Devils and their big season, but it looks now as if Ohio State, Auburn or Missouri (or heck, even Alabama) are all that stand between Jimbo Fisher and his first head coaching crown. 


2. Ohio State (12-0) - Fans across the state of Ohio were jumping up and down and going bananas as Auburn's Chris Davis ran back the kick that shook up the college football world. The Buckeyes must now beat Michigan State in the Big Ten Championship Game to secure a spot against FSU in Pasadena. The irony in all of this is that the same Auburn team that knocked off Alabama, thus helping Ohio State, could be the same team that ends up jumping the Buckeyes. Let's see what happens next Saturday...


3. Auburn (11-1) - If you are an Auburn fan, you better get your pulse checked to make sure you can still breathe. In back-to-back weeks, Auburn had plays happen that you could never dream up in a million years, resulting in two game-winning scores over Georgia and Alabama. With that said, the Tigers are now one win away from a possible shot at a national title. Ohio State is now the hurdle for Auburn (well, Missouri, too, of course) and the Buckeyes face a tough Michigan State team Saturday. Auburn seems to have fate on their side, there is no telling what may happen next weekend!


4. Alabama (11-1) - If you are Nick Saban, you kinda don't know where to go right now. The national title was perhaps dashed due to one of the craziest plays in decades (of course, who knows what OT would have held, anyway) and now you sit with an 11-1 record that is as good as anyone in America outside of the top two. But then again.....ahhhh! If Auburn and Ohio State both lose Saturday, a matchup with Florida State is still very possible - even likely. Alabama has lost late in the year before and still won the whole damned thing.


5. Oklahoma State (10-1) - This is a super potent football team right now and one that has a chance to make one last splash with the voters as all kinds of craziness could go down next weekend. Oklahoma State gets the Sooners at home and with a big showing could present their case as a once-beaten team to play for a national championship. Along with Alabama and the Auburn/Missouri winner, Oklahoma State is hoping for an Ohio State loss. There really is no telling what could still go down, so the Cowboys must destroy Oklahoma and hope for some luck. 


6. Missouri (11-1) - I haven't given the Tigers tons of credit this season, but they are legit and have a chance to show the nation this coming Saturday as they try for an SEC Championship against Auburn in Atlanta. With a win, Mizzou could throw their name in the ring for a shot at a national title. If they are 12-1 and the SEC champions, then they would have as legit of an argument as any once-beaten team out there. First off is beating an Auburn team that seems to be on a quest.


7. South Carolina (10-2) - Connor Shaw may never play a down in the NFL, but he will go down as one of the great South Carolina - and even SEC - quarterbacks of this era. He left Columbia with an 18-game home winning streak and a 26-5 record as the starter. Shaw has the uncanny ability to pick up third downs as well as any QB I have seen in a long time, and he burned Clemson with that all night last night. He and his Gamecocks will now sit back and wait to see which bowl they will head to. 


8. Michigan State (11-1) - With each passing week, this team continues to impress. One must wonder if this defense is one from the NFL, borrowed by the Spartans to play at the collegiate level. MSU shuts down opponents, suffocating them with on of the best defenses in America. Next up is a chance to really make a national splash in 2013. If Michigan State can beat Ohio State, they will jump up near the top five and shake up the national title race, even throwing their own name in the mix. If they had an offense, they would be nearly impossible to take down. 


9. Stanford (10-2) - The Cardinal won a hard-fought game with Notre dame, 27-20, last night to remain in the top ten. Losses to Utah and USC have knocked Stanford from the national title talks, but this team could still hang some serious hardware in their stadium with a win over Arizona State Saturday for a Pac-12 crown. A division crown banner is already made, but the overall conference crown would be oh so much sweeter. It will not be easy at all - Arizona State is solid. 


10. Baylor (10-1) - I was tempted to drop the Bears a spot after the squeeker they won over TCU, but like I say a good bit, a win is a win is a win, and thus the Bears don't slip. It has been an unprecedented few years in Waco, with Robert Griffin III winning the Heisman Trophy in 2011 followed by weeks and weeks of living in the national polls. The Bears have it going on right now and they need to cap the season with a big-time win over the Longhorns this coming weekend. 


11. Oregon (10-2)

12. Arizona State (10-2) 

13. LSU (9-3) 

14. UCLA (9-3) 

15. Clemson (10-2) 

16. Louisville (10-1)

17. Northern Illinois (12-0) 

18. Oklahoma (9-2) 

19. Duke (10-2) 

20. Central Florida (10-1) 

21. Georgia (8-4) 

22. Wisconsin (9-3) 

23. Texas (8-3) 

24. Washington (8-4) 

25. Iowa (8-4) 


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