Nov 30

The Top Fan's Top 25 - Week Fourteen

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With just one weekend to go before the first ever four-team College Football Playoff will be set for all to feast on, the college football world once again delivered treat after treat this past Saturday. How about Georgia Tech's 53-yard field goal to force OT against rival Georgia? How about Alabama playing with their hair on fire in the second half against Auburn? How about UCLA turning in one of the ugliest performances of the year in a home stomping at the hands of Stanford? Fans, soak up this next week, because it won't be long before the long, dreaded offseason arrives.


People will be quick - again - to jump on Florida State saying that they are not "dominant" or "superior" like they were a year ago. So what. They might not be dominating people, but the last time I checked, the record is what matters and the Seminoles are 12-0. Jameis Winston threw four INTs yesterday. But he also did some good things - enough for a win. FSU marches on to face Georgia Tech in the ACC Championship Game from Charlotte next weekend.


Speaking of the ACC, this league has needed some good things to happen for a while now in football, and they are finally getting it. I know that Florida, South Carolina, Kentucky and Georgia are not the top four teams in the SEC this year, but if you are an ACC fan, you welcome a 4-0 record against those SEC rivals. The ACC championship Game should also be a game of national interest for the first time in a while as GT should be near the Top 10 and FSU is obviously seeking a CFP berth. On top of this, the game should be played in front of a full stadium in Charlotte for the first time in a while, as well. The Jackets and the Seminoles are both having big years and both fan bases are near enough to Charlotte that a packed house may just happen....finally.


Alabama looked like they might go down to rival Auburn in Tuscaloosa for a good part of this rivalry game. But down the stretch, the Tide turned things up and ended up pulling away for a 55-44 win in the highest scoring Iron Bowl ever. The Tide are a darned good team when quarterback Blake Sims plays the way he did last night. The guy is super talented and Alabama is going to be hard to beat. Missouri gets a chance next Saturday after beating Arkansas to win the SEC East. This game never has to worry about a sellout.


In the B1G, it will come down to Ohio State and Wisconsin for conference supremacy. A CFP berth is not out of the question for the winning team, but they will need some dominoes to fall in place along the way. Buckeye fans have to be kicking themselves over the home loss to a very average Virginia Tech team in week two. Wisconsin, as usual, is solid and right up in the national picture once again. This program has become a model of how to do it right. 


Oregon hosts Arizona next week in Eugene for the PAC-12 crown and a shot at a national title. But it wont be as easy as I was thinking. Arizona has really impressed me this year and will give the Ducks all they want! After taking care of business against rival Arizona State, the Wildcats are looking for their first conference title since 1993.


As for the Big 12? I honestly cannot figure it out. Kansas State, Baylor and TCU are all 7-1 in league play and all three play this coming weekend - with K-State and Baylor facing each other (TCU tackles Iowa State). If there is a Big 12 fan in the house who can straighten all of this out for us, please feel free!


Here are my Top 25 teams following the games of week 14.....


1. Florida State (12-0)

2. Alabama (11-1) 

3. Oregon (11-1) 

4. Baylor (10-1)

5. TCU (10-1)

6. Ohio State (11-1)

7. Michigan State (10-2)

8. Arizona (10-2) 

9. Kansas State (9-2)

10. Wisconsin (10-2)

11. Georgia Tech (10-2) 

12. Missouri (10-2)

13. Mississippi State (10-2)

14. Arizona State (9-3)

15. Oklahoma (8-3) 

16. Clemson (9-3) 

17. Louisville (9-3) 

18. Ole Miss (9-3) 

19. UCLA (9-3)

20. USC (8-4)

21. Auburn (8-4) 

22. Georgia (9-3) 

23. LSU (8-4) 

24. Nebraska (9-3) 

25. Utah (8-4) 




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