Dec 7

The Top Fan's Top 25 - Regular Season Finale

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It has been a great season! Thank you all for being a part of the voting, picking and discussion! I will be posting the complete College Football Bowl Schedule here shortly as a quick and easy reference to use throughout the bowl season....Again, thanks for being a part of this site, we are glad to have everyone on here!


Fans in Eugene, Columbus, Tuscaloosa and Tallahassee are celebrating wildly about not only staying alive for a national title, but also making history! These four teams will always be remembered as the four teams that brought us into the Playoff Era of major college football. They will meet in the Sugar and Rose Bowls to decide who moves on to Dallas for the January 12th national title game. 


Meanwhile, fans in Fort Worth and Waco in the great state of Texas are ticked off and left wondering why they didn't make it. TCU and Baylor both flirted with the Playoff this year, and both were leap-frogged by Ohio State in the final seconds. Let it be known: an 8-team playoff will be discussed ad nauseam from now until it happens. 


I am very excited for the 4-team playoff coming to life, but I also feel an 8-team playoff is the true answer. When I look at #5 and #6 in the CFP rankings (TCU and Baylor), I know they could win it all given the chance and some luck. When I look at #9 and #10 in the CFP rankings (Ole Miss and Arizona) I see a slight drop off. Therefore, I would love to see the debate be over who is #9 - not who is #5....


It has been a long, confusing, frustrating yet wildly exciting season once again and I am exhausted. There is more than enough time between now and the bowls to let all this digest. As for now, I am putting together my Top 25 teams as the regular season closes out. It is always a relief to get this break, and then settle in for some great Holiday bowls!


Here are my Top 25 teams following the regular season......


1. Florida State (13-0)

2. Alabama (12-1)

3. Oregon (12-1)

4. Baylor (11-1)

5. TCU (11-1)

6. Ohio State (12-1)

7. Michigan State (10-2)

8. Mississippi State (10-2)

9. Georgia Tech (10-3)

10. Kansas State (9-3)

11. Missouri (10-3)

12. Arizona State (9-3)

13. Ole Miss (9-3)

14. Georgia (9-3)

15. UCLA (9-3)

16. Clemson (9-3)

17. Arizona (10-3)

18. Boise State (11-2)

19. Auburn (8-4)

20. Louisville (9-3)

21. LSU (8-4)

22. USC (8-4)

23. Wisconsin (10-3)

24. Nebraska (9-3)

25. Minnesota (8-4)

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