Sep 9

The Top Fan's Top 25 - Week 1

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After one week of play, we now know more about the teams and who has something and who has nothing.


Impressive teams included Ohio State, Alabama, UCLA, Notre Dame, Utah and Texas A&M. All of these teams credited big wins and looked good in doing it.


Teams that got the boot quick and are looking for answers already include Texas, Arizona State and Wisconsin. North Carolina might have the worst offensive coaching staff in history, and Virginia Tech - despite a very entertaining hosting of Ohio State - needs answers to get back to the top 10 program they once were. 


I didn't like seeing Oregon give up 42 points to Eastern Washington. But like I always say: "A win is a win is a win."


The Aggies of TAMU looked outstanding against Arizona State, but we've seen their act before. Can they keep it up this time? 


Michigan and Nebraska will be top 25 programs under Jim Harbaugh and Mike Riley, respectively, within a couple of seasons. But they are certainly not there yet. These will be two interesting Big10 story lines to follow.  


There wasn't a whole lot of shaking things up this week. Here are my top 25 teams as we get ready for week 2 of the season...



1. Ohio State (1-0)

2. TCU (1-0)

3. Alabama (1-0)

4. Oregon (1-0)

5. Baylor (1-0)

6. Auburn (1-0)

7. Michigan State (1-0)

8. USC (1-0)

9. Florida State (1-0)

10. UCLA (1-0)

11. Georgia (1-0)

12. Clemson (1-0)

13. Georgia Tech (1-0)

14. Notre Dame (1-0)

15. LSU (0-0)

16. Stanford (1-0)

17. Oklahoma (1-0)

18. Arizona (1-0)

19. Missouri (1-0)

20. Mississippi (1-0)

21. Boise State (1-0)

22. Utah (1-0)

23. Texas A&M (1-0)

24. Northwestern (1-0)

25. BYU (1-0)






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