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Game Picks - Week 3

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In week 2 I posted a record of 19-5 (11-2 in ACC/8-3 in SEC) and am 41-8 (23-4 in ACC/ 18-4 in SEC) overall.  Week 3 poses a tougher challenge as there are a combined 6 inter conference games and 7 more out of conference games that are power 5 vs power 5 match ups. So enough with the excuses as to why I may not do as good this week and on to the picks, again the rankings used are my own personal rankings and not AP, USA Today or any other site.


Games involving ranked teams:


13) Ole Miss(2-0) @ 2) Alabama(2-0)- Chad “Swag” Kelly and the Ole Miss Rebels head east to Tuscaloosa, AL to take on the mighty Crimson Tide.  Alabama had a good week 1 win over a decent Wisconsin team in Dallas, TX and then just a so-so performance agaisnt Mid Tennessee State.  Ole Miss on the other hand played a couple of nobody’s but they did score 73+ points on both occasions which is impressive.  Fast paced offenses has pretty much always given Nick Saban and Alabama trouble, so have they figured it out this time?  When offense goes up against defense you’re always told to pick the defense but Mississippi has a good defense as well and a much better offense, I’m picking Ole Miss for the upset two years in a row.  Ole Miss34 – Alabama24


7) Florida State(2-0) @ Boston College(2-0)- Boston College, my apologies for last week’s pick. Yes I did pick you to win but I didn’t think you would be able to eclipse the 40 point mark but you went on to 76 points and only gave up 11 total yards. Upsets have occurred in Chestnut Hill just last year they knocked off mighty Southern California.  This season the Eagles have been impressive early and well Florida State hasn’t however I do believe that Florida States level of competition has been a little bit more than BC’s. I’m not going to predict an upset but I will say that if Boston College wins on Friday night I won’t be surprised.  Florida State31 – Boston College21


8) Clemson(2-0) @ Louisville(0-2)- This Louisville team is the first test of the season for the Tigers. Yes App State looked like they were going to be a test during the first quarter but a 28 point second quarter put that to rest. Louisville is what people are calling a wounded dog and they really are, they are 0-2. Nobody really expected them to be 2-0; pretty much everyone expected them to be 1-1. They apparently were the team that got caught looking ahead to this Thursday nights showdown.  It will be an interesting game, a close one for the first 3 quarters but I anticipate Clemson pulling away come the fourth. Bold prediction; Watson goes over 300 yards through the air and another 50 yards on the ground and the Tigers Defense holds L’ville to under 250 total yards.  Clemson34 – Louisville20


South Carolina(1-1) @ 10) Georgia(2-0)- The Gamecocks survived week 1 but couldn’t survive week 2, although they did show great resolve and fight in the second half against the Wildcats. I’m still not 100% on my opinion of Georgia as well as most teams but I do know they have a couple of good running backs plus home field, that should be enough to send South Carolina to 1-2 (0-2 in the SEC East).  Georgia28 – South Carolina17


12) Georgia Tech(2-0) @ 18) Notre Dame(2-0)- Ahhh the big game of the weekend, The Rambling Wreck and the Fighting Irish get to go head to head.  I felt Notre Dame was the second most over ranked team in the off season behind Auburn and a blowout of a very bad Texas team at home and a struggle to beat a bottom feeder in the ACC on the road have not changed my opinion.  Georgia Tech while yes they haven’t faced anyone yet has been very impressive and they will show the country that this weekend.  Georgia Tech is currently a 2.5 point favorite, they easily cover that.  Georgia Tech38 – Notre Dame24


Nevada(1-1) @ 15) Texas A&M(2-0)- The Aggies getting a warm up in before getting the SEC slate started in a week or two. Texas A&M will be able to easily run the score up quick and get the scrubs in early.  Texas A&M52 – Nevada14


Connecticut(2-0) @ 16) Missouri(2-0)- Missouri can’t ever make anything look easy, that is for sure. Despite struggling the last couple of seasons against non-conference opponents they have still won the east, and right now they are still in contention for that again this season.  Missouri24 – UCONN17


22) Auburn(2-0) @ 17) Louisiana State(1-0)- The very lucky Auburn Tigers may finally be playing a team that can expose Auburn for what they are, a very overrated team, that is if a 7 point overtime win against an FCS school at home wasn’t already enough exposure for you.  Auburn turns it over several times again and Leonard Fournette runs wild.  LSU38 – Auburn24


ACC Non Ranked Games:


Illinois(2-0) @ North Carolina(1-1)- Let me start by saying that I know two things about Illinois; 1- they have a new head coach, like he was hired two weeks before the season and 2- they have outscored their first two opponents 96-3. This is one of five ACC/B1G games on this weekend alone.  All of this weekend’s ACC/B1G games are between mediocre teams in both conferences, so it should help determine which conference is deeper as both are viewed as the bottom two power conferences.  Marquise Williams needs play like week 2 Marquise and not week 1 Marquise and the Tar Heels should be able to defend their home turf.  North Carolina44 – Illinois24


Wake Forest(1-1) @ Army(0-2)- These games are generally always ugly looking and for the most part Wake generally comes out on top, so I guess I’ll go with them but I am skeptical. Last week I put my trust in Wolford to go get a win that could help them out big time, but he couldn’t do it. Wake Forest23 – Army17


Central Michigan(1-1) @ Syracuse(2-0)- The Orange got a big win in conference play last week to insure that they don’t finish in the cellar.  This week they look to get halfway to bowl eligibility if they can win and get to 3-0. It is imperative that they win this week because it is going to be hard enough to find 3 more wins on that schedule.  Syarcuse38 – Central Michigan21


Northwestern(2-0) @ Duke(2-0)- This is another important game in the ACC/B1G challenge this weekend, Northwestern is currently ranked 23 in the AP and 24 in the Coaches polls. Northwestern has already won a big non-conference showdown against Stanford and their D appears to be pretty good.  Duke has been firing on all cylinders and I feel like they also will take a big win for themselves and for the ACC.  Duke27 – Northwestern20


Nebraska(1-1) @ Miami(2-0)- If Al Golden is going to have a good enough season this year to stay in Miami I feel this is a game that he has to win. Last year in Lincoln the ‘Huskers got the best of the ‘Canes but that was with a true freshman QB in his fourth career game, this year he is more grown up and one of the top SO QB’s in the country.  Miami28 – Nebraska24


William&Mary(1-0) @ Virginia(0-2)- Mike London and the Cavaliers nearly got a win last week that could have potentially sparked a win streak or season that could have saved his job at Virginia, but they fell in the waning seconds to the Irish.  Enjoy the last few weeks in Charlottesville, Mike, it doesn’t look good.  Virginia37 – William&Mary7


Virginia Tech(1-1) @ Purdue(1-1)- Virginia Tech takes an improving defense and a young QB on the road. Statistically speaking both teams are fairly even, level of competition played so far very much goes to the Hokies, but on the road with a young QB, I just don’t think it goes well for the Hokies in this one.  Purdue24 – VirginiaTech16


North Carolina State(2-0) @ Old Dominion(2-0)- The Wolf Pack and Jacoby Brissett have gotten off to another strong start and this game won’t be any different.  North Carolina State45 – Old Dominion17


Pittsburgh(2-0) @ Iowa(2-0)- If Pitt still had James Connor I think I would lean towards them pulling off the road win, but they don’t and Iowa has the better defense and home field.  Iowa27 – Pittsburgh17


SEC non ranked games:


Austin Peay(0-2) @ Vanderbilt(0-2)- The Commodores may have finally found a team they can beat, not much else to say.  Vandy34 – AustinPeay7


Texas Tech(2-0) @ Arkansas(1-1)- Even I who felt that Arkansas was overrated and didn’t deserve to be top 25 didn’t see them being so bad to lose to Toledo at home. So if this team really is top 25 then the Razorbacks will come out and extra hungry and motivated and absolutely roll over the Red Raiders, but I don’t think they are that team but I also know that Texas Tech doesn’t have a defense so at the end of the day Arkansas’ ground game will wear down Texas Tech enabling the Razorbacks to get back in the win column.  Arkansas48 – Texas Tech38


Western Carolina(1-1) @ Tennessee(1-1)- Tennessee, oh Tennessee you had a shot, to show the country that you were back and prime to be a top team again.  Tennessee, College Football wants so dearly for you to be good again, (unless you’re an SEC East rival) but you can’t seem to take the next step in the process.  As for this game the Vol’s will roll.  Tennessee48 – WCU17


Florida(2-0) @ Kentucky(2-0)- The Wildcats got their first road win in the SEC since 2009 last week, despite scoring only 2 points in the second half on a botched 2 point attempt by the Gamecocks. The first half they did look impressive though. Florida struggled to a 31-24 win at home over a decent East Carolina team, but now they took the road.  Can Kentucky defend their home turf or will Florida improve to 3-0? I’m going to take the Gators.  Florida27 – Kentucky24


Northwestern State(0-2) @ Mississippi State(1-1)- The Bulldogs struggled with Southern Miss on the road and then nearly came back to beat LSU, overall I think MSSU will be a solid 7/8 win team but they won’t reach double digits. This game however they will do as they please in all facets of the game.  Miss St45 – NW State7

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