Sep 28

The Top Fan's Top 25 - Week 4

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The biggest mover of the weekend was Utah. The Utes moved to 4-0 - and into pretty much everyone's top 10 - with a 62-20 thrashing of Eugene! The Utes have been improving for several years now, and 2015 looks like the season it could all come together for Coach Kyle Whittingham's program. The Pac-10 race will be wide open this year in both divsions....


Tennessee found a way to lose to Florida....again. This was the 11th straight loss for the Vols to their bitter rivals, and the win got the Gators just a hair back into the national spotlight as they remain undefeated. Georgia, though, remains the team to beat in the SEC East.


In the Big Ten, Ohio State and Michigan State continue to hover at the top of the polls, but don't forget Iowa, Indiana and Northwestern - all undefeated and looking to make some noise. The Hoosiers get a crack at the Buckeyes this coming weekend.


In the ACC, Georgia Tech lost to Duke to knock the Jackets from the Top 25. Duke continues to play well under David Cutcliffe and are now long removed from the "doormat" label they lived with for years and years. A showdown looms as Clemson hosts Notre Dame in what is officially an out-of-conference game. The matchup is the first between the teams in decades and should be a dandy.  


In the Big 12, TCU and Texas Tech played a classic, with the Frogs able to hold on to a crazy 55-52 win to stay in the Top 5. Baylor, TCU and Oklahoma are the front runners in that conference as we get into the meat of the season, but Oklahoma State, West Virginia and Kansas State are also unbeaten. A train wreck awaits. 


Here are my Top 25 teams as we head into the season's 5th weekend....


1. Ohio State (4-0)

2. TCU (4-0)

3. Baylor (3-0)

4. Michigan State (4-0)

5. Florida State (3-0)

6. UCLA (4-0)

7. Georgia (4-0)

8. LSU (3-0)

9. Utah (4-0)

10. Clemson (3-0)

11. Notre Dame (4-0)

12. Ole Miss (4-0)

13. Alabama (3-1)

14. Oklahoma (3-0)

15. Texas A&M (4-0)

16. Northwestern (4-0)

17. Stanford (3-1)

18. USC (3-1)

19. Miami (3-0)

20. Cal (4-0)

21. Michigan (3-1)

22. Oklahoma State (4-0)

23. Iowa (4-0)

24. Indiana (4-0)

25. Florida (4-0)

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