Nov 18

The Top Fan's Top 25 - Week Eleven

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Iowa and Oklahoma State are breathing down the neck of the Playoff committee, foaming at the mouth to get a shot at a national title. In due time, Iowa will get their say as they will get a shot at the Buckeyes in the BIG10 Championship Game should both schools make it there. As for Oklahoma State, they will need some help as they do not play against any of the teams ranked ahead of them in the College Football Playoff Top 25. That said, they close with two high profile games in Baylor and Oklahoma. Could two wins there boost them into the Top 4? Controversy is sure to be abound if an undefeated Cowboys team is left out behind two teams that suffered a loss - Alabama and Notre Dame. And what about Ohio State and Clemson? They have been perfect so far, but would a loss late in the season knock either of them out?...Oh boy, you can see a train-wreck coming from miles away!


Here are my Top 25 teams following the games of week 11.....



1. Ohio State (10-0)

2. Clemson (10-0)

3. Alabama (9-1)

4. Iowa (10-0)

5. Notre Dame (9-1)

6. Oklahoma State (10-0)

7. Oklahoma (9-1)

8. Michigan State (9-1)

9. Florida (9-1)

10. TCU (9-1)

11. Michigan (8-2)

12. Baylor (8-1)

13. Houston (10-0)

14. North Carolina (10-1)

15. Florida State (8-2)

16. Stanford (9-2)

17. Wisconsin (8-2)

18. Navy (8-1)

19. USC (7-3)

20. Utah (8-2)

21. Northwestern (8-2)

22. Washington State (7-3)

23. LSU (7-2)

24. Oregon (7-3)

25. Ole Miss (7-3)

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