Nov 23

The Top Fan's Top 25 - Week Twelve

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For the first time, I can put Clemson at the top of the rankings in this article as former #1 Ohio State fell to the Spartans. As an alumni and fan since diapers, it makes me extremely proud to be able to put them up here - even though I know the only vote that really matters comes in January. The Tigers were able to put up 33 points on a good Wake Forest defense on the way to a 20-point win at home on Military Appreciation Day...Across the country, there was a good bit of shaking up at the top of the polls as the Buckeyes and Oklahoma State went down. With Iowa and Clemson as the lone undefeated teams, the 1-loss teams are all flexing their muscles and working on that resume. UNC wrapped up the ACC Coastal, and with their only loss being to South Carolina in the final minutes, the Tar Heels must be kicking themselves as they would be in the Top 5.... 


Here are my Top 25 teams following the games of week 12....


1. Clemson (11-0)

2. Alabama (10-1)

3. Iowa (11-0)

4. Notre Dame (10-1)

5. Oklahoma (10-1)

6. Michigan State (10-1)

7. Baylor (9-1)

8. Ohio State (10-1)

9. Oklahoma State (10-1)

10. Michigan (9-2)

11. North Carolina (10-1)

12. Florida (10-1)

13. Florida State (9-2)

14. Stanford (9-2)

15. Navy (9-1)

16. TCU (9-2)

17. Northwestern (8-2)

18. Washington State (8-3)

19. Oregon (8-3)

20. UCLA (8-4)

21. Ole Miss (8-3)

22. Mississippi State (8-3)

23. Utah (8-3)

24. Pittsburgh (8-3)

25. Houston (10-1)

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