Aug 30

Opening Weekend Predictions

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Fans, we made it back! And not only did we make it back, but we are greeted back with the best buffet of opening weekend games....ever! So grab your popcorn and some charcoal and steaks, and throw some beverages on ice. Send the 4-year old kids off to grandma's house for a few days - it is time to get college football back in our lives!! Here are my predictions for the games of opening weekend....


#2 Clemson at Auburn - If you're a Clemson fan, this game scares you to death, no matter how confident you are in Heisman candidate QB Deshaun Watson. Auburn has traditionally protected their home field very well, and the talent is there. Do not be surprised to see Auburn give Clemson all they want for 4 quarters. In the end, I think Clemson has the QB that will find a way to get the points needed. This will be a hard-hitting, passionate game between two programs both wanting a huge year. Auburn needs to get back on track and could quickly with a win here, and Clemson is trying to reach the Playoffs again....Clemson, 38-30.


#1 Alabama vs #20 USC - Arlington, TX - I know USC is on the up and up and all of that, and I have a feeling they will have a big season. But until somebody knocks off the king - they are king. Alabama will be starting their 4th QB in as many years, but Saban will find a way to get things done. He has the nation's most abundant pile of talent. This will be a fun game for all of the hype and build up, and it may even be close for a while. But I expect to see Alabama roll in the end...Alabama, 37-20. 


Wisconsin vs #5 LSU - Lambeau Field - The Tigers of LSU head up North to play in one of the most famous sports venues in the world when they face the Badgers and their home crowd at Lambeau Field - home of the Green Bay Packers. I like UW and would like to see them win this one, but I think LSU is too strong and will steal the road win behind the running of Fournette and crew...LSU, 28-17


#3 Oklahoma vs #15 Houston - Houston, TX - It is no secret that I am not a Baker Mayfield fan. Yea, yea he can scramble around and be exciting, but I am just not sold. I like the way Houston has risen up the rankings the last few seasons, and I look to see them keep going. In this one, I think they give OU everything they want and then some to the tune of a win to jump straight into the Playoff talks. This will be one of the best games of the weekend and I see Houston getting it done...Houston, 31-28.


#16 UCLA at Texas A&M - Going to to go with the home team here. UCLA is ranked in most of the polls, but I have heard many analysts say there are a good many question marks. A&M is one of those teams that you never really know what you will get. I think they come out hot in this opener, with 100,000 plus supporting them and find a way to start 2016 with a win...Texas A&M 24-17. 


#18 Georgia vs #22 UNC - Atlanta, GA - Everyone here is expecting me to pick the Dawgs probably, but I am going to go with UNC. Georgia has to break in a new coach, and despite the respect I have for Coach Smart and as much as I realize UGA is stacked with talent, sometimes it takes a few games to get on the same page. UNC, meanwhile, has finally started to come together under Coach Fedora. The Tar Heels have some talent, too, and I think they finally pick up a big win to get them rolling...UNC, 30-27.




#10 Notre Dame at Texas - There are a lot of fans out there across the good ole USA that would love to see both of these teams lose. Beat each other up and lose in a 3-0 game decided by an ugly field goal...Yes, the Irish and the 'Horns are 2 teams that are either loved or hated - not much in between. I am going to go with ND here. Texas will be jacked up and all that, but I still don't see that unified cause in Texas. I think the fans and program are split and Coach Strong hasn't been able to overcome that yet....Notre Dame, 40-27. 




#11 Ole Miss vs #4 Florida State - Orlando, FL - As an ACC fan, I want to go FSU here with this pick, but Ole Miss scares me. Chad Kelly is a wild card and a head case. But the dude can flat out play football, I will give him that much. In this one, I think the difference is that Ole Miss has a bit better QB. Kelly has the advantage over Sean Maguire and will lead the Rebels to the points needed to steal the win away in Orlando....Ole Miss, 35-28. 




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