Oct 13

Week 7 Predictions

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Well folks, I'm back in the saddle. With a real busy job and running low on confidence with my picks, I took a little time away to regroup. I have a score of 70% on the year so far, which is looking good enough for my annual near-miss victory in the Pick'em Contest here on Fans25. Yes, in 10 years of the contest, I have yet to win it, coming real close a couple of times, but no cigar....In 2016, I look to make another run, but it'll be surprising if anyone can catch "Clloyd," a 2-time champion (2010, 2013), who is off to a hot start at 80% through 6 weeks...Regardless of the Pick'em Contest and who may win it, here are my picks for the games of week 7...


NC State (4-1) at #3 Clemson (6-0) - 12:00 - ABC regional - The Tigers have sprung back to life after a slow start. After hanging 56 on BC in Boston a few days ago, do not be surprised if they do it again to NCSU. The Wolfpack just played an exhausting rain-saoked game against ND that had to gut their energy, and now travel to hostile territory to try to take the lead in the Atlantic Division race of the ACC. Ain't happenin. Clemson will come out firing and won't let up. This game is usually close in Raleigh, not so much in Clemson....Clemson 42-17. 


#2 Ohio State (5-0) at #8 Wisconsin (4-1) - 8:00 - ABC - Ohio State looks to remain a lock for the Playoff as long as they win out. In this one, that's easier said than done though as Wisconsin plays tough ball. In fact, this is going to be my upset pick of the week. Going against OSU in the Horseshoe in a huge game? Am I crazy? Apparently so. I see the Badgers keeping things close with that D, and somehow scraping together enough points for the W....Wisconsin, 20-17. 


Stanford (3-2) at Notre Dame (2-3) - 7:30 - NBC - Here is a battle of two teams that are reeling from multiple kicks to the nuts early in the season. Stanford has lost two games, including a thrashing from Washington, and ND has lost 2 straight ACC games to Duke and NCSU (not ACC losses to FSU or Clemson or Louisville or even Miami or VT. You heard me right: Duke and NCSU). So as this one gets going, I expect the team with any heart at all left to win. It's a rivalry, so it will be intense, and it will be close, so I am going with the home team in that kind of situation...Notre Dame, 21-20 (and soon after we will hear the talking heads try to figure out a way to get a 3-loss ND team in the Playoff).


#1 Alabama (6-0) at #9 Tennessee (5-1) - 3:30 - CBS - Well, it was a tough loss indeed. But a loss is a loss, and UT fell all the way to #9 with that one. Sheesh (App State shoulda woulda coulda beaten em, and UGA shoulda woulda coulda beaten them...but they didnt). So here are the Vols at 5-1, still in the Top Ten, hosting Bama. I think this is the week people realize that the Butch Jones show has been lucky not to be knocked from the discussion already. Nick Saban and company will open a can and leave Knoxville victorious once more....Alabama, 31-17. 


#10 Nebraska (5-0) at Indiana (3-2) - The Huskers are starting to get their fans excited and the nation's attention as they are off to a 5-0 start. Normally, I would throw caution at a Big 10 road game, but Indiana has long been one of the true laughing stocks of college football. If the Hoosiers (that is their name in football, too, right?) win here I will eat my crow. But I don't see it. Nebraska gets to 6-0 before the meat of their schedule sets in (Wisconsin and Ohio State are up soon)....Nebraska, 30-20.


#12 Ole Miss (3-2) at Arkansas (4-2) - Going to go Rebels here. As up and down as they have been, and as crazy and whacked out as he is, I think Ole Miss and quarterback Chad Kelly are still a pretty darn good team. They have lost to Alabama and FSU, two reasonable losses. It wouldn't surprise me that much to see Ole Miss win the rest of their games and finish 2016 with just two losses....Ole Miss, 40-31.


Kansas State (3-2) at #19 Oklahoma (3-2) - Believe it or not, even with 2 losses out of 5 games, I actually heard a TV analyst the other day mapping out a way for OU to make it back to the Playoffs. Seriously. Folks, I don't know why it is that hard to imagine that Oklahoma just isn't a Playoff caliber team, but some people just won't see the reality. Anyway, they win this one but who gives a crap. It's K-State....Oklahoma, 35-21. 


UCLA (3-3) at Washington State (3-2) - 10:30 - ESPN - Come on, Cougars! You can do it! WSU has toiled on the edge of some good seasons lately, only to see it not come to be. This year, a 4-2 start would be a great way to head into the second half of the season. Washington State has been lighting up scoreboards at a rate of nearly 43 points per game. The Bruins don't score too much (26 ppg), and don't have a wrecking ball defense, so I am going to pick the home team here...Washington State, 40-27.


Missouri (2-3) at #18 Florida (4-1)- 4:00 - SEC Network - The Gators are just glad to be back playing ball after a terrible week with Hurricane Matthew postponing last week's LSU game. I see them coming out hungry and excited with a rowdy Swamp crowd behind them. Mizzou isn't looking too hot this season, and 2-4 seems to be staring them right in the face. The Gator defense is 3rd best nationally giving up just 11 points per game. Mizzou can score, however, so it could get interesting....Florida, 35-24. 


UConn (3-3) at South Florida (5-1) - USF looks to make a big year out of things with a 5-1 start and a probable favorite in the rest of their games. Can the Bulls make a major bowl by finishing 11-1 with the only loss being to FSU? Time will tell, first they must get past a stubborn UConn team that doesn't have a pretty record but can play ball under third year Coach Bob Diaco, who improved their record from 2-10 to 6-7 his first two seasons. He better get going or 2016 will be a slide back down...USF, 31-21.


#21 Utah (5-1) at Oregon State (2-3) - 4:00 - Pac12 Network- Utah could still have a big season, despite the frustrating loss to Cal - a game that Ute fans must be sick over. With Arizona State and Colorado still to play, Utah has every chance it needs to get to the Pac 12 Title game. The Utes have become a solid player in college football. I would like to see them take the next step and play in - or even win - the Pac 12 to become a national factor....Utah, 39-10. 

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