Defense Not Included posted November 23, 2016 at 5:58 PM
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You won't believe this story.  Last night in NCAA Men's Division 3, there was a game that ended with a 178-125 between Lincoln Christian at Greenville.  The now 1-8 Lincoln Christian Red Lions fell hard to the Panthers (now 4-0) of Greenville College.  Greenville lead Lincoln Christian 75-69 at the half.  Then in the 2nd Half, Greenville put up 103 points while Lincoln Christian put up 56 points.  End result- 178-125, Greenville.

You have no idea how hard I tried to find online resources on this game once I was watching ESPNU and saw this note on this game.  So if you want some extra stats on this offensive shootout, here is a link I found:

This is the ultimate in "screw defense!" basketball.  Not even NBA teams could surpass 125 on most nights.  This was nuts!

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