Verne Lundquist Stepping Down from College Football posted December 8, 2016 at 10:40 PM
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This post has ties to college football, but not exactly on college football. I wasn't sure where I wanted to make this post, so I decided to post here in The Bone Yard. Anyone who may watch the SEC on CBS may have heard the calls of one Verne Lundquist. I would like to honor a legend stepping away from calling college football. He still will be calling various other action for CBS. Verne Lundquist is as much a legend in calling action as another legend who stepped down this year- Vin Scully. Looking back on Verne Lundquist, courtesy of CBS Sports:


All I can say is... thank you, Verne Lundquist. I'm personally going to remember him best for his call of when Auburn stunned Alabama on that wild failed field goal returned for a touchdown back in 2013. How will you remember Verne Lundquist calling college football?

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Let me be the first to say....




If Gary Danielson were next I would be even happier....


Very knowledgable guy who was good for college football, I just really couldn't stand his voice....

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I liked him. Hate to see him go.

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