Best Game Of The Year or Best Game Ever? posted January 20, 2017 at 1:06 AM
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Birmingham, AL

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Wow, what a game!  Hats off to Clemson, Watson, Swinney, and that whole receivers group.  Brilliant game and well deserved.


And that onside kick was icing on the cake.  Seriously, the best game I've ever seen.  I ain't even mad y'all won.  Y'all earned it.

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Salt Lake City, UT


Definitely the best game of the year. It's probably one of the best games ever. This was college football rewarding fans for the awful semis. Man, that receiving corp is legit. Williams was catching eveything thrown his way, and Renfrow is going to have a great career as a slot receiver in the league.


What a way to end the college football season. Thanks for the great game Alabama and Clemson. Congratulations Tigers! I was rooting for you all year.

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Macon, GA


For those of us in the South, this could easily be the best game ever. Two teams everyone south of the Mason-Dixon has an opinion on slugging it out for the second straight year. And this time, I thought both defenses put on as much of a show at times as the offenses.

Nationally, though, the USC-Texas game still probably has the edge. Mainly because NONE of the experts gave Texas a chance to win that game, and the way they won it was magic.

Still, last night's game was top 5 easily, and I think we should just set up Round 3 next year!

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orlando, FL


It was the best game of the year. The new playoff system works great. Michigan FSU was the other best game of the year. 

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