Most Hated Player posted September 3, 2017 at 6:03 PM
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Greenville, SC

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What player do you hate the most going into this season? and why?


Mine has to be Baker Mayfield. And while it may not be so much him than it is Oklahoma, he is an easy target.


Jake Bentley is a close second....

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Salt Lake City, UT


Hated? I don't know if I hate any player. I don't like a lot of BYU players, but I couldn't single out one of them. Oddly enough when I read the question, my first thought was Baker Mayfield. Then I saw that's who you said too. I don't know who I hate most. Hated coaches? I have a lot of those!

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orlando, FL


I don't hate any players. AT this age I don't think I even hate any of the teams anymore.



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