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Ten Things, Week Two



The traditional cupcake week has come to a close, but not without its fair share of surprises.  You may have heard about a certain storm that moved up through Florida and caused a bit of a stir.  Schedules rearranged, the resurgence of some former powers, and yet another fourth quarter choke peppered the weekend.  Let’s review the week that was in this week’s Ten Things.



1. Irma’s Impact – It goes without saying that the devastating effects reach far beyond college football, and our prayers are with all those affected.  But this is a college football blog, and the hurricane caused four games to be rescheduled Florida State, Florida, Miami, and South Florida all had an early bye week.  While the Seminoles were likely grateful to have another week to fine tune their offense with a new quarterback, the big loser of them might be the Gators.  A year after winning the division, Florida might not make it to a bowl game without that win.  Yikes.


2. Boomer Sooner – It took all of two games for first year head coach Lincoln Riley to get his first signature win.  In avenging last year’s 45-24 drubbing in Norman, the Sooners went up to Columbus to plant their flag in the big “O” at midfield.  After a score that was 3-3 at the half, the offense went on a tear outscoring the Buckeyes 28-13 in the final two quarters to win 31-16.  Following a coaching legend is not easy task, but it looks like Riley has this team headed in the right direction.


3. Are The Trojans Back? – For the second year in a row, USC started the season in disappointing fashion (though to be fair, they did win last week).  This year, however, saw the Trojans bounce back by thumping conference rival Stanford 42-24.  Since losing to Utah last year, the Trojans have won four straight against ranked teams (including #4 Washington and an epic Rose Bowl against Penn State).  It’s still early, but the schedule looks manageable enough to see the cardinal and gold make their debut in the playoff.


4. Playoff Four – If the committee chose today, here are the teams they should pick:


Oklahoma – The Sooners jump to the top of the short list after notching the most impressive win by any team thus far.  Being led by a possible Heisman candidate in Baker Mayfield doesn’t hurt.


Clemson – Though the Tigers had to scratch and claw their way to a win against Auburn at home, the win gives some fodder for the ACC vs SEC debate and the defending champs have a win worth talking about.


Alabama – What looked like the most dominant team in the country a week ago now looks a bit pedestrian by comparison.  That’s what playing Fresno State will do, I guess.

USC – The Trojans narrowly edge out Washington this week.  Beating Stanford is the best win in the conference, and the PAC-12 is a touch above the Big Ten at the moment.


5. One Over-The-Top Overreaction: Louisville will win the ACC – The Cardinals are hitting their stride and Lamar Jackson is playing lights out.  He may become the second player to win multiple Heisman trophies.  All they need to do is get past Clemson at home and it’s smooth sailing.


6. One Not-So-Over-The-Top Reaction: Brian Kelly is on his way out – Remember when Brian Kelly was one of the hottest names in coaching?  He took Cincinnati in 2009 and three years later had the Irish in the national title game.  Now, after four seasons of at least three losses (including a 4-8 disaster last year) it looks like he’s on the outs.  It would be a shame, but after losing to Georgia by a point it’s gotten to that point.  And if things don’t get better, they could easily lose half their games – including the final three in a row.


7. Wowzers, Wazzou – With just under 11 minutes left in the game, the Broncos had just scored their second touchdown in four minutes to go up 31-10.  Then Tyler Hilinski threw a touchdown.  Then Peyton Pelluer grabbed a pick six off of a horrible shovel pass attempt.  Two drives later a Washington State punt bounced off a Boise State jersey, and four plays later the score was tied with 1:07 left in regulation.  The Cougars carried that momentum into overtime and ultimately outlasted the Broncos to prevail 47-44.  First UCLA, now Washington State.  Who’s next?


8. Longest 3rd and Goal Ever – On 2nd and goal, the snap sailed over quarterback J’Mar Smith’s head and bounced toward midfield.  When he tried to fall on it, he just pushed it further.  Several Mississippi State defenders tried to scoop n score, but managed only to cross midfield still chasing the ball.  When the home team bulldogs finally fell on it, they were looking at 3rd and goal from the 7-yard line – 93 yards away from the goal line.  If you haven’t seen the replay, stop what you’re doing now and watch this train wreck.  For added fun, see it with the Benny Hill theme playing.


9. SEC Rundown – While the conference as a whole is largely becoming Alabama and the gang, the much maligned East division has undergone a bit of a resurgence.  A week after South Carolina and Tennessee notching impressive victories, Georgia went up to South Bend and handed Notre Dame their first loss of the season 20-19.  Meanwhile, the West took quite a hit as Auburn looked almost as bad as Florida in a 14-6 loss and Arkansas apparently gave up in a 28-7 loss.  If this trend continues, could we see a team from the East compete for a national title for the first time since 2008?  Wait, that can’t be right.  Let me look that up.  Yep, it’s right.  Wow.


10. Three To See – With the Florida State-Miami game postponed, there’s an opening in the third slot this week.  Here are three must see games this week:

#23 Tennessee @ #24 Florida – Honestly, how Florida still has a ranking at this point is baffling, but here we are with one of the two games that pit ranked teams against each other.  After ending the Gator’s 11-year win streak last year, the Volunteers look to start one of their own.  It won’t be easy to score, but it should be relatively easy to force 3-and-outs.  Tennessee triumphs 20-9

#3 Clemson @ #14 Louisville – With Florida State likely to falter at some point this season, these two look to take the division, the conference, and maybe even a national title.  The Tigers pose a bigger challenge than the Seminoles did a year ago, so don’t expect a blowout.  Then again, Lamar Jackson has looked better throwing the ball this season so he may be an ever bigger threat to throw than run.  Clemson wins in a thriller 34-31.

Texas @ #4 USC – The last time the Longhorns went to California to play the Trojans, we saw probably the best game in college football history.  At least if you ask everyone outside of the USC athletic office (they vacated that loss along with all their wins).  This year, there is no Vince Young, Reggie bush, or Matt Leinart.  But there will be Sam Darnold, Ronald Jones, and Deontay Burnett.  It’s those three that will help the Trojans extend their imaginary winning streak against the Longhorns.  Trojans take it 30-13.

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