(UPSET 8) posted October 22, 2017 at 5:55 PM
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Industry, PA


I didn't see an official one.  if this week was a wash so be it.

but i want to throw mine out there since i won't be around the rest of the weekend.

i'll take USC for 1.  

if i'm the only one, then i'm okay if it isn't officially added... probably be wrong anyway sealed

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Papillion, NE


I will take Oregon for 2 points.



Just a thought, but Timm have you ever thought about allowing parlays with the weekly upset. Such as picking 2 (of say 4 point minium dogs) to perhaps give the winner a shot at 4 or 5 points for the week? Or perhaps 3 dogs with 1 at least a 8 point dog and another at least a 4 or so point dog (the last is user decided but must be an underdog) for say a 7 point week? Obviously as a parlay, must win all.


Just spit balling here. I saw a hand full of games I would have liked to put on here, but obviously we are only allowed one so I thought about parlays and thought that a system would need to be in place to make it somewhat difficult (even though it is fairly difficult in general, but obviously we wouldn't want someone picking 2 or 3 teams that are only +1 dogs or so. 


What do you think?

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Salt Lake City, UT


I'll take Michigan for 3. 

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Birmingham, AL

Fans25 Staff


I'll go crazy and get Baylor over West Virginia for 3

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Macon, GA


I'll get around to updating the scoring later this evening, but thanks for putting this up. I'd be open to the parlay concept, as long as folks were clear that it was "must win all."

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