Upset Pick Contest (Week 9) posted October 29, 2017 at 5:36 PM
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Macon, GA


No points to my knowledge last week, so our standings remain the same.

CornHuskers 6

Spiff – 5

JTimm – 4

HuskerFaithful – 2

GoUtes – 1


Obviously you can only pick the underdog; I use for my spread. An underdog by 3 1/2 points or less is worth 1 point if they win, 4-8 points is worth 2, and 8 1/2 or more is worth 3. I'm also adding the "parlay" option, meaning you can pick a second game, but you have to get them both right to get ANY points. Also, at least one game in your parlay has to have a spread of 4 or more points.

Give me Penn State AND NC State for 2 points each, total of 4.

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Papillion, NE


I feel like I need to take a parlay since I suggested it lol, so give me Nebraska and A&M for 4 points.

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Industry, PA


i'll take Penn State and West Viriginia (2 & 2)

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Salt Lake City, UT


Missed this week, but I just wanted to let you know I got Cal right in week 7. I didn't get it right in week 8 though.

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