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The Top Fan's Top 25 - Final 2013

01.07.14 - Posted By: Brett Haynes - Greenville, SC

Tennessee won the first BCS Title in 1998 with a win over Florida State, and Florida State won the final BCS Title in 2013 with a win over Auburn. Yes, the Seminoles were a part of the opening and closing of the BCS era, also winning a crown in 1999 with a win over Virginia Tech. The BCS era now comes to a close, with a four-team playoff now set to take flight and lead college football into the future. Whether the BCS was - or was not - a good system to crown college football's major champion will be debated for years to come. But regardless of your view, there is no debating that a ton of excitement was generated by the system. 


The final season of the BCS era was as exciting as any, with many thanks to Auburn for leaving us speechless watching their final two regular season games. This season will be remembered for years to come as one of the greats. Here are my Top 25 teams as we close out the 2013 season....


1. Florida State Seminoles (14-0) - After steamrolling every team on their schedule all season long, FSU ran into a tough opponent in the BCS Championship Game against Auburn. In a thriller that....


Official Bowl Schedule

12.11.13 - Posted By: Brett Haynes - Greenville, SC

Find all of the vital stats for the 2013-14 bowls right here....


Next Up:


BCS National Title Game - Pasadena, CA - January 6th, 8:30 - ESPN

#1 Florida State Seminoles (13-0) vs. #2 Auburn Tigers (12-1)






The Top Fan's Top 25 - Final Regular Season Rankings

12.08.13 - Posted By: Brett Haynes - Greenville, SC

When Alabama lost to Auburn a week ago, it appeared the SEC's run of seven straight national titles could possibly come to an end. But with Ohio State losing to Michigan State, and Auburn defeating Missouri, it now appears that the Tigers (of Auburn) have worked their way into the national title game to take on Florida State in Pasadena. The major conference champions for the 2013 season are Florida State, Auburn, Stanford, Baylor and Michigan State...Here are my rankings as the regular season comes to a close...


1. Florida State (13-0) - Early on, it appeared that Duke was up to the task of giving FSU a 60-minute thriller in the ACC Championship Game in Charlotte. The Blue Devils did not surrender a point in the first quarter and....


Championship Weekend Predictions

12.05.13 - Posted By: Brett Haynes - Greenville, SC

It all comes down to this! Championship weekend is upon us where major hardware can be won and major dreams can be dashed. The five major conferences will all be decided on Saturday, setting up for what is sure to be an amazing Sunday evening of bowl announcements...Here are my predictions for the games that will decide the conference champions of 2013...


#2 Ohio State (12-0) vs #10 Michigan State (11-1) - Big Ten Championship Game - 8:15 - FOX - Urban Meyer has yet to lose a game as the head coach at Ohio State (24-0) but this will most-likely be his stiffest test to date. The Spartans hunker down and play serious defense (4th in the country at 12 ppg) and that is something OSU hasn't had to deal with much in 2013. The weapons are there for the Buckeyes to deal with this, but...


Ten Things - Week 14

12.02.13 - Posted By: Wes Mewbourne - Birmingham, AL

Rivalry weekend did not disappoint!  As the 2013 season winds down, there seems like a ton of football left to play.  The number of legitimate undefeated teams dwindled down to a very BCS-friendly two teams (sorry NIU), but the controversy has only increased.  The easiest ending for all parties would be for the favorites to all win their respective conference championship games….or would it?  Here’s a look back at the week that was with this week’s guest written Ten Things.


The Top Fan's Top 25 - Week 14

12.01.13 - Posted By: Brett Haynes - Greenville, SC

It has been two full years since Alabama was not the #1 team in the polls, but the day has come again. Auburn did the unthinkable, running back a missed field goal 100+ yards for the game-winning, division-winning, Iron Bowl-winning touchdown to send the Tigers to the SEC Championship Game! Florida State now claims the #1 spot in the polls, but Ohio State was the big winner of the day as they are now in prime position to play for a crystal football. Oh, the college football universe never fails to entertain!


1. Florida State (12-0) - The Seminoles wrapped up a perfect regular season by cruising past Florida, 37-7, in the Swamp. Now, pending any major disaster in the ACC Championship Game against Duke, FSU is


Ten Things - Week 13

11.25.13 - Posted By: Brett Haynes - Greenville, SC

Another exciting weekend of college football has gone by, here are ten thoughts and observations that caught my eye as I took it all in....


1. One Heel of a Turnaround - After a horrid 1-4 start had folks throughout the ACC laughing at UNC, the Heels have rattled off five-in-a-row (including four ACC wins) and could make noise throughout the league with a win Saturday over #24 Duke. The game is in Chapel Hill and there would be no better way for Larry Fedora's squad to salvage this season than by ruining Duke's chance at a trip to Charlotte and showing in-state dominance. I'm still not sold on Fedora, but if UNC gets to 7-5 this weekend, then wins a bowl to get to 8-5, the 2013 season would have to be considered a success....


Rivalry Weekend Predictions

11.27.13 - Posted By: Brett Haynes - Greenville, SC

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Lots of great college football awaits as Rivalry Weekend is here!


Here are my picks for the games of week 14...


#1 Alabama (11-0) at #4 Auburn (10-1) - 3:30 - CBS - Here is the biggest game of the season so far as an SEC West banner and a trip to Atlanta are awarded to the winner. But most importantly, at dinner tables, in office spaces, and on social media posts throughout the Heart of Dixie, bragging rights are claimed for 365 days. Oh yea, and the winner could also play for the national title - something these two schools are familiar with as of late.....


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