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A Long Time Coming

09.02.12 - Posted By: Brett Haynes - Greenville, SC

With a 26-19 win over Auburn Saturday night from the Georgia Dome, Clemson finally gets some respect back for themselves and their league. I realize as I write this that bigger wins have gone down in the history of college football. No title was won here, and, honestly, it wasn't even the biggest game on TV at the time. That honor would have to go to Alabama-Michigan over on ABC. But Clemson's win over Auburn was one that had a tremendous amount of importance for a group of people known as Clemson fans - a group I happen to belong to.


For Tigers, Time Is Now

10.01.11 - Posted By: Brett Haynes - Greenville, SC

I will go ahead and say it in this opening sentence: I picked VT to win this game. Yes, in our weekly contest of 15 games, I took the Hokies. But deep down, in the bottom of my heart, I feel I may have chosen unwisely. Gameday is here, and all of the sudden I am seeing everything in orange. No, not orange accompanied with maroon, but orange accompanied with purple. My mind is telling me to stick with my pick of the Hokies, but my heart is telling me this year's Clemson team is different. But, even if the Tigers are different, winning in Blacksburg is still a tough task...

   #13 Clemson at #11 Virginia Tech - 6:00 - ESPN2  


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No Sunshine

01.01.11 - Posted By: Brett Haynes - Greenville, SC

Tigers and Gamecocks fall to teams from the Sunshine State to close out 2010. Clemson and South Carolina had different types of seasons this year. USC won its first SEC division championship and was nationally ranked for most of the campaign. Clemson finished fifth in its division and never reached the rankings. The vibe around the Palmetto State was that Carolina had a good year, while Clemson had a bad year, and this was proven on the Death Valley field to the tune of a 29-7 Gamecock win in November. Yes, between the two, this year went to the boys from Columbia. But yesterday, these two teams were on equal footing as they both lost bowl games to teams from Florida.


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It's Gameday!

10.30.10 - Posted By: Brett Haynes - Greenville, SC

Whether your favorite team is 8-0 or 0-8, there is still something magical about the day of the game. This week the question has to be about the number one team falling for the fourth straight week. Alabama (Oct 9th to South Carolina), Ohio State (Oct 16th to Wisconsin) and Oklahoma (Oct 23rd to Missouri) all held the number spot and all lost it on the road here in October of 2010. Now, Oregon faces USC down in Los Angeles. It's funny how quickly things change. Just a few years ago, Oregon would have been the underdog in this one!


Palmetto State Update

10.19.10 - Posted By: Brett Haynes - Greenville, SC

A week ago, it appeared as if the Gamecocks of South Carolina were on the road to a huge year. They had just defeated the number one team in the country, Alabama, putting themselves in great position to win the SEC East. A week ago, it appeared that Clemson might be on the edge of disaster, having lost at North Carolina to make it three Ls straight. The play-calling was being seriously questioned in Tiger Town. A week later, college football showed us why you have to take things one week at a time...

South Carolina. We will start with the Gamecocks, who seem primed for the big-time, but are having trouble making that last step in the East. Florida, Georgia and Tennessee - the three-headed monster of that division - each are having down years. This is a once-a-generation type of happening. This is the year, Gamecocks! But you have to go out and get it.


Off to Auburn!

09.18.10 - Posted By: Brett Haynes - Greenville, SC

Clemson vs. #16 Auburn - 7:00 EST - Jordan-Hare Stadium, Auburn, AL - The Fans25 crew is up and rolling at 6 am getting the truck packed up for the trip over to Auburn, AL. Still dark outside, the anticipation level is through the roof in this household! The four hour trip over (we hope) will lead us to a day of great tailgating and a great game between two schools who share many common roots in their history's. Auburn and Clemson - both Tigers, both orange, both agriculture and engineering schools, both with a passion for football - are set to meet for the first time in the regular season since the 1970's...


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You Have to Be Ready

09.05.10 - Posted By: Brett Haynes - Greenville, SC

No matter how "ready" we think we get for football season, we are never quite ready enough once it arrives. Yesterday, our group was so excited for the game that we nearly pulled out of the driveway without our tickets, tent, chairs or table. No big deal. Just everything. As the day rolled on, we realized a few other things that told us we weren't quite as ready for the season as we thought we were. But we made it through - with flying colors I might add - and weekend number one of the college football season is now history...


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Parker to Return to Clemson...For Now

07.21.10 - Posted By: Brett Haynes - Greenville, SC

Kyle Parker will be back to lead the Tigers in 2010. The Colorado Rockies and Clemson two-sport athlete Kyle Parker were unable to come to a contract agreement, and the quarterback and right fielder will be back wearing orange and purple again this fall in Death Valley. However, talks are still underway, and this situation could possibly change. The chances look strong though, that Parker will return...For Tiger fans across the land, this is the third straight season they have seen a football player decide to return to Clemson rather than turning pro. As football season is just around the corner, Clemson's chances at a big season just took a major step back towards reality.


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