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Week Thirteen Predictions

11.20.14 - Posted By: Brett Haynes - Greenville, SC

With two of the most exciting weekends in college football set to go down next weekend and the week after, the big games are few and far between here in week 13. Still, several very intriguing matchups will go down - especially in the Pac-12 with two Top 20 matchups. USC will face UCLA for the battle of Los Angeles, and Utah hosts Arizona in another dandy!


Here are my predictions for the games of week 13...


Boston College (6-4) at #3 Florida State (10-0) - 3:30 - ABC regional / ESPN2 - If you are an FSU fan, you're probably starting to bite your fingernails a little bit about making the playoffs. The Noles have slipped from 1st to 3rd in recent weeks, and with a few weekends left to go where their competitors have some big games, the Noles berth...


The Top Fan's Top 25 - Week Eleven

11.09.14 - Posted By: Brett Haynes - Greenville, SC

It was called many different things including "Separation Saturday" and "Survival Saturday" as many big games went down...Those that separated and survived include Arizona State, Baylor, TCU, Alabama, Oregon and Ohio State. Those that took a spill include Auburn, Kansas State, Michigan State and Notre Dame. After all of this, I'm not sure if the playoff picture has gotten any clearer - in fact, I think it is as hazy now as it has been all year. A slew of one-loss teams are battlng for the two spots opposite FSU and Mississippi State. With 3 regular season weeks to go, and then the conference title games, anything can happen!


Here are my Top 25 teams following the games of week 11....


The Top Fan's Top 25 - Week Ten

11.02.14 - Posted By: Brett Haynes - Greenville, SC

Oh, Boy. Things are going to get nuts here pretty soon! As I typed up the capsules on my Top 10 teams, I could easily see how each could somehow make the CFP. There are even more teams ranked 10-15 that are also very much alive at this point to make the Top 4 at season's end. I do not envy the task ahead for the CFP selection committee! Here are my Top 25 teams following the games of week ten...


Week Ten Predictions

10.30.14 - Posted By: Brett Haynes - Greenville, SC

In the blink of an eye we are already in week ten of the season. It seems like yesterday when it was 100 degrees outside and everybody was 0-0...Things are getting intense now as the teams at the top can begin to taste the College Football Playoff and dreams of a national title. The top-ranked game of the weekend is Ole Miss vs Auburn, but Georgia and TCU - two teams also near the Top 4 - face tough tests also in Florida (a rivalry game) and West Virginia (a very good team), respectively. With Florida State fighting for survival against Louisville as I type this, the weekend is off to an exciting start already! Here are my predictions for the games of week ten....


Ten Things - Week Nine

10.28.14 - Posted By: Wes Mewbourne - Birmingham, AL

Welcome back!  Yes, this season has been so rough that even Ten Things needed a bye week to recover. And as expected, there is a lot to catch up on.  In the past two weeks, the number of undefeated teams has dropped in half - goodbye Ole Miss, Notre Dame, and Baylor. The Big Twelve is starting to pick up some positive press, while the Pac-12 is still struggling for respectability.  The SEC continues to dominate headlines and viewership.  The ACC continues to be a one trick pony (for now). But the best part? After two full months of football, no one has a clue what’s coming down the stretch.  That makes for an exciting November.  But let’s not get ahead of ourselves, and take a look back at the week that was in this week’s Ten Things.


Week Nine Predictions

10.23.14 - Posted By: Brett Haynes - Greenville, SC

As the College Football Playoff selection committee prepares to release their first rankings next week, a huge slate of games are set to go down this weekend. All eyes are on the Mississippi schools to see if they can stay unbeaten until they face off in the final week of the regular season. If and when one of them would slip, a whole handful of teams are drooling to jump into the top four....


Here are my picks for the games of week nine...


The Top Fan's Top 25 - Week Eight

10.19.14 - Posted By: Brett Haynes - Greenville, SC

Traveling today so I don't have a chance to do the whole article as usual. But from what I saw Saturday: Alabama is back, FSU hung on (again), Baylor is a pretender as usual, Florida is awful and Will Muschamp is G.O.N.E., the Mississippi schools are for real, and Oregon and Michigan State are planning on sneaking into the CFP.....Here are my Top 25 teams following the games of week eight....


1. Florida State (7-0)

2. Ole Miss (7-0)

3. Mississippi State (7-0)

4. Alabama (6-1)

5. Oregon (6-1)


Ten Things - Week Seven

10.14.14 - Posted By: Wes Mewbourne - Birmingham, AL

Halfway home, and what a ride it’s been. Just in the top ten, we have enough movement to make your head spin.  Of the AP preseason top ten, only Baylor is ranked higher now than when it started.  Everyone else is either where they started (Auburn, Michigan State) or dropped.  A team that received a total of 22 points in the preseason (less than Florida) is now at the top of the poll. Just about every predicted contender for the playoff has already picked up a loss.  That’s how wacky this first half has been, and this past weekend was no different.  With the midseason mark reached, let’s take a look back at the latest week that was in Ten Things…


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