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Fans debate: South Carolina vs. Nebraska

12.30.11 - Posted By: Dsuddeth and SkullandBones and Husker Ed

The SEC's Gamecocks and the newest member of the Big Ten, Nebraska, square off in Florida in the Capital One Bowl. Here, we have a couple of Nebraska fans and a South Carolina fan give their answers to what will go down in Orlando...

Question 1: Why will South Carolina win?

SkullandBones If I had to be complete honest I'd give the edge to SC, a fast defensive with an elusive QB have proven a bad combo for us this year.

Husker Ed: Speed kills.  The speed on defense will limit Nebraska's potent offense.

Dsuddeth: USC will win,… if their defense can cause multiple turnovers. USC’s defense must put 8 in the box and shut down Nebraska’s run game. They must force (QB) Martinez to throw the ball…USC must force Nebraska in 3rd and long situations.


Nebraska - Kansas State Preview

10.07.10 - Posted By: Russ James - Firth, NE

Top Fan said something in his weekly poll I hadn't given much thought to; people outside of Nebraska may not have seen us play this year!  Unthinkable to those of us who get a daily overdose of the Scarlet and Cream.  So I thought why don't I and the rest of us NU fans here give our opinions of what an outsider should be looking for as we take center stage on Thursday night. 

Running Backs.  We have two backs that are fun to watch, Roy Helu jr. and Rex Burkhead.  Two very different styles, Helu is the classic NU tailback with great speed and a ...


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