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For Tigers, Time Is Now

10.01.11 - Posted By: Brett Haynes - Greenville, SC

I will go ahead and say it in this opening sentence: I picked VT to win this game. Yes, in our weekly contest of 15 games, I took the Hokies. But deep down, in the bottom of my heart, I feel I may have chosen unwisely. Gameday is here, and all of the sudden I am seeing everything in orange. No, not orange accompanied with maroon, but orange accompanied with purple. My mind is telling me to stick with my pick of the Hokies, but my heart is telling me this year's Clemson team is different. But, even if the Tigers are different, winning in Blacksburg is still a tough task...

   #13 Clemson at #11 Virginia Tech - 6:00 - ESPN2  


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Wanted: Jim Harbaugh

01.04.11 - Posted By: Brett Haynes - Greenville, SC

Stanford, 40, Virginia Tech 12. With their convincing win over the Hokies of VT in the Orange Bowl, Stanford and Head Coach Jim Harbaugh proved they are a true, legit top-5 team this season. The Cardinal were a well-oiled machine in 2010, and this was due to the attention to detail provided by Harbaugh. Now, the coach who just turned in the best season in school history will be courted by other teams in other cities, and even in another league. The NFL is calling from a couple of different angles for this talented coach. And the NFL isn't the only place you will find his name swirling around. Even without an opening for the head coach position at this time, some feel Michigan - Harbaugh's alma mater - may also be calling his name.


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Pick'em and Poll

09.06.10 - Posted By: Brett Haynes - Greenville, SC

With a killer Monday night game this evening, the Fans25 top 25 poll for week two will come out on Tuesday morning this week rather than today. Third ranked Boise State will tangle with tenth ranked Virginia Tech from Landover, Maryland at 8:00 tonight on ESPN. That game will have such an impact on the poll, that it would be best to release it in the morning...Also, be sure to get your picks in for week two! I am 13-0 so far this week, with two games today. Two other Fans25 pickers - LEO and Bubt - are also at 13-0. Two-time defending champ 92CitadelGrad is off to a good start at 10-3, and will certainly be a factor again in 2010.


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  1. Georgia
  2. Oklahoma
  3. Clemson
  4. Alabama
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  6. UCF
  7. Wisconsin
  8. Penn State
  9. Auburn
  10. USC
  11. Miami
  12. Washington
  13. TCU
  14. Notre Dame
  15. Michigan State
  16. Oklahoma State
  17. Stanford
  18. LSU
  19. Northwestern
  20. Memphis
  21. Virginia Tech
  22. Washington State
  23. South Florida
  24. NC State
  25. Boise State
  26. Colorado
  27. Fresno State
  28. Virginia Tech
  29. Oklahoma State
  30. Nebraska
  31. Tulsa
  32. Minnesota
  33. Connecticut
  34. Ball State
  35. Kentucky
  36. California
  37. Arizona State
  38. Northwestern
  39. Florida State
  40. Boston College
  41. Georgia Tech
  42. Ole Miss
  43. Rutgers
  44. Texas
  45. Cincinnati
  46. Northwestern
  47. Arizona
  48. Nevada
  49. Northern Illinois
  50. San Jose State
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